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Flights to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, which is one of the Eurasian countries located in the South Caucasus area, straddles both Western Asia and Eastern Europe, meaning tourists can find a lot of enjoyment in the country. As the country is positioned on the Caspian Sea, tourists can find many picturesque subtropical seashore resorts, or they can cuddle the name of Azerbaijan as the Land of Fire with a tour to a mud volcano or a flaming mountain. The country also includes hillside settlements that hide very old minarets and mosques, in addition to some of the most inspiring contemporary structural design in the world.

  • Icheri Seher

  • Absheron National Park

  • Naftalan resort

  • Gobustan

  • The Caspian Sea Lake

  • Shirvan National Park

  • Have a stimulation oil bathe at the Naftalan Oil Resort

  • Explore the bionetwork of the country at the Absheron National Park

  • Involve yourself in interesting activities at the Baku Seaside Park

  • Get a charming insight into prehistoric civilizations of the UK at Gobustan

  • Enjoy an exciting nightlife at Nabran

  • Enjoy witnessing the architectural wonders at Icheri Seher

Azerbaijan features a continental type of weather, with comparatively hot summers and cold winters. While the hottest month in the city is July, February and November are the coldest and dampest months in the city. The best time to visit Azerbaijan is between April and June and again between September and October.

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Icheri Seher

Icheri Seher, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, is popularly referred to as Fortress and Old City. People booking a flight to Azerbaijan and visiting Icheri Seher can find astonishing architectural wonders, including the twelfth-century very old walled town of Baku and the thirteenth-century palace, known as Shirvanshah Palace.

Absheron National Park

Absheron National Park is one of the biggest parks of Azerbaijan, covering the vast area of 783 hectares. In the park, tourists can enjoy witnessing the striking ecosystem of the country. Both adults and kids will be amazed to see local wild animals, such as jackals, gazelles, birds, Caspian seals, badgers, etc.

Naftalan resort

Naftalan resort is renowned because of its crude oil, as it has the ability to heal many medical disorders due to its natural healing characteristics. It is the most sought-after destination for taking their crude oil bathe or for undergoing a variety of treatments to get the required relief from their pain and inflammation.


Gobustan is habitually mentioned as the Azerbaijan adaptation of Stonehenge in the UK. This is for the reason that it features a primitive cromlech, which is a stone circle upright.Tourists taking a ticket to Azerbaijan and visiting Gobustan can enjoy witnessing the rock and cave drawings, as well as ancient gravestones.

The Caspian Sea Lake

The Caspian Sea Lake is the world's biggest lake that measures an enormous distance of 371,000 square kilometers. The position of the lake resembles as if it sits on the bed of an ocean with less saline water. Thus, tourists booking a flight from Azerbaijan and visiting the lake can have an enjoyable and safe swim in the lake.

Shirvan National Park

Shirvan National Park is a protected area that covers the vast land area of 54,000 hectares. It mainly consists of semi-desert land, so tourists visiting the park can enjoy the hiding of the gazelles in the sand dunes.Kids can also have a nice time in the park, as they can spot an assorted range of species, such as hedgehogs, turtles, jackals and jungle cats.

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