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The beautiful city of the Jamaican province also happens to be the capital city of the region. It is loaded with various attractions and you can see tourists from various regions coming here for their family vacation. If you love music, you will be completely impressed with the culture of this place as it has a special place for musicians and you can even get to see the amazing museum dedicated to renowned artists in this region. The city is not densely populated and you can easily reach any corner of the city within a couple of hours. It is well connected with neighboring cities and you will not have any problems with getting flight from Kingston to see other tourist attractions. You can approach the travel agents who organize package tours in this region to have a trouble free vacation.

  • Emancipation Park

  • Museum of Bob Marley

  • The Blue Mountains

  • Beach of Fort Clarence

  • Visit the Emancipation Park

  • Explore Museum of Bob Marley

  • Visit the Blue Mountains

  • Visit Beach of Fort Clarence

You need to be aware that the place is also well known for hurricanes and you should watch the weather carefully when you are planning your vacation with your family. It is a good idea to avoid the rainy season from May till November to stay away from such troubles during your vacation. The season gets very dry after the showers and you will get to enjoy the natural beauty of this region. The temperature is usually moderate and you will not have any issues with regards to enjoying the outdoor activities with your group. Make sure that you carry proper clothing when you want to visit the region during the winter and rainy season.

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Emancipation Park

This amazing park is spread across a vast area of more than 30 acres and it also happens to the centre for entertainment and other cultural activities. It is home to the world famous bronze sculpture that measures nearly 3 meters. The sculptures became controversial in early days and many local people did not like the idea of having such sculptures in an open place.

Museum of Bob Marley

This is dedicated to the legendary musician and thousands of fans from all over the world come to this place to have a glimpse of the personal belongings of this musician. You can take the guided tour to get complete information about the life and work of Bob and this will become a memorable experience. It is a good idea to visit the place when you have free time.

The Blue Mountains

You can take a walk around this place or choose to visit the coffee plantation to spend a relaxing time with your family. Make sure that you carry your camera as the mountain offers some exotic views when you visit the place in the right season. You will be very impressed with the greenery in this region and this will be in its full glow after the rainy season.

Beach of Fort Clarence

This is well known all over the world and many people are of the opinion that this is the best beach of Jamaican region. If you visit the place during weekends, you can even get to see live show from renowned artists. You can party during your vacation with your friends at this place.

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