IPL Postponed in India amid Coronavirus

IPL Postponed in India amid Coronavirus

IPL Postponed in India. Due to the pandemic coronavirus, the Board of control of cricket of India (BCCI) has announced the cancellation of IPL in India till April 15th. 

It was earlier declared by the BCCI to play the 2020 edition between the dates 29th to May 24th. 

As per the official statement given by BCCI, it stated that the decision has been taken in concern and being sensitive about the public health and the health of stakeholders in general and it has been ensured to take all the required steps so that the people related to IPL, such as players and the fans should have a safe experience of the game.

The decision made by the BCCI was communicated to the public a day before the IPL governing council meeting was scheduled in Mumbai.

Just before the meeting on Saturday, there was also a meeting in which BCCI officials and the members of GCC were to meet the owners of the respective team and other stakeholders of the IPL.

What Report Says About IPL Postponement

As per the report in context to the cancellation of IPL; the greatest cricket league; it was estimated that if all the games of the year are canceled altogether, it could cost the BCCI loss of an amount UP to INR 3869.5 crores.

The Overall loss incurred will also include the cost of broadcasting which would go up to INR 3269.5 crores and which will also include the revenue related to streaming with 200 crores and 400 crores of sponsorship loss.

As per the official statement by the secretary of BCCI, Jay Shah, now BCCI has decided to work in collaboration with the Government of India including the ministry of youth affairs and sports, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the other government-related department in order to carry out the decision of IPL in the upcoming edition. 

Effect of the IPL postponement

In view of the postponement of the IPL, the BCCI has taken the decision to half the prize money which is given to the champions of IPL every year and the respective runner-ups.

The decision has been taken as an initiative of taking cost-cutting measures to incur the loss made by BCCI due to the postponement of the game for the upcoming edition.

As per the statement sent by the BCCI to all the franchises of IPL, it has been notified that the IPL Champion team will be awarded INR 10 crores instead of INR 20 crores which were awarded in the earlier years.

In the meanwhile, the losing team will be getting INR 4.3 crore to each team which was INR 8.75 crores previously. 

In the meantime, it has also been claimed by PI that the mid-level employees of BCCI will no longer be allowed to avail the business class flights which were earlier used to fly to the Asian countries such as UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc. which includes the flight time lesser than 8 hours duration.

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Banning of IPL Tickets

During the former week, the tickets of IPL were banned to be sold in the state by the Maharashtra government seeing the risk of the pandemic coronavirus.

On the other hand, it was also notified by the Delhi government that in the current scenario of the virus spread, the IPL matches won’t be allowed to be hosted in the state.

Meanwhile, the cinema halls are also shut down in Delhi until further notice amid the coronavirus lockdown.  

Taking into consideration the banning of IPL venues, it was reported by ET that the matches will be hosted in limited venues, in the places which are least infected by the virus where the travel will be limited and the matches will be organized closed door.


The novel coronavirus, affecting almost every system around the globe, has not failed to impact the biggest Cricket League of India, IPL.

As per the statement issued by BCCI, the organizer of IPL, the league would be now postponed until April 15 which was earlier scheduled to be held in the month of May.

The rescheduled date of IPL would be announced by BCCI after the situation gets into control in terms of the coronavirus.  There is no doubt that IPL, being one of the biggest Cricket League in India, would disappoint many fans, awaiting for the league this year due to the pandemic coronavirus.

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