Google’s Promise to Support Corona Fight with $800 Million

During the past few days, the novel coronavirus has impacted several small and mid-level companies across the globe.

To cope up with the losses various citizens have come up with their own way of contributing to this battle of the deadly virus outbreak. 

To contribute its own share of help, on Friday Sundar Pichai,  the CEO of Google announced that Google will be donating over $800  million in cash to support the battle of Corona.

The money donated by Google will be in the form of cash which will be also used for advertising the spread of the virus in order to ease the impact of the virus on small industries. 

Details of Google’s Donation

As per the official statement issued by Sundar Pichai, the chief executive of Google, out of the total $800 million, over $510 million will be in the form of promotional discounts that will be used within Google.

Moreover, out of the whole amount, about $250 million will also go to the World Health Organisation (WHO) along with other several government organizations that will help Google to impart credible information related to coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Google also spent 25 million dollars on the transmission of information pertaining to the coronavirus in the last month.

In addition to this, Google also promised to provide financial support to the manufacturers of protective equipment with a certain amount that has not been cleared.

Apart from this, $340 million of the amount will be dedicated to the small and medium level businesses who are facing loss due to the virus outbreak.

Google will select the eligible accounts for which the amount will be credited through an automated process for 2020.

Along with this, Google has also invested $200 million of the fund with the aim of supporting the financial organizations.

Also, a small amount of $20 million has been provided to the academic researchers who are on Google Cloud as a small discount for research to be conducted on treatment and cures.

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Other Significant Contributions by Tech Firms

Through its technical and financial resources, Google is one of the several companies around the globe which is helping to overcome the Global pandemic.

In the meanwhile, on Friday, Apple released an iOS application and a website which has the feature of allowing users to screen themselves for the possible symptoms of coronavirus.

Also, the Apple company has announced that it would donate more than 10 million respirator masks across Europe and the US to contribute to the cause.

Another significant contribution has been made by Facebook which has offered free ad credits to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other government institutions in order to provide credible information related to the coronavirus.

The World Health Organisation has been working with Facebook in order to fight the virus outbreak with the coronavirus information center and health alert launched for the WhatsApp in the last week.

Not only Facebook and Google, but some other technology firms from around the globe are also contributing to the fight with coronavirus in the US which is encountering the highest number of cases in the world.

Conglomerate Softbank from Japan and Alibaba from China have contributed an amount of a million masks donated to each of the US health workers.

Not only this, but Google is also working with the magid glove and safety suppliers which will be producing over 3 million masks in the upcoming week in order to donate to the CDC.


With various big companies and citizens coming out to help fight the battle of coronavirus, Google has made a significant contribution of 800 million dollars which will be dedicated to transmitting the credible information related to coronavirus and to cope with the losses faced by small and mid-level companies.

Along with Google, several other tech firms such as Facebook, etc. are also contributing the best they can and from their extent to help fight the virus outbreak.

The contribution made by Google will also be added to the eligible accounts in the year 2020 which still nobody can expect how much.

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