Medellin Colombia Vacation Guide: Get Great Deal

About Medellin

Guide for Vacation At Medellin, South America – Medellin is Colombia’s second-biggest capital and is also known as the City of the Eternal Spring. This city was introduced in the 16th century, and now it is famous for being the center of the textile industry. This place is very modern and full of life. For more information, call our travel expert at +1-888-351-7078.

Medellin is also a commercial flower growing region and is thus also nicknamed the “Capital of Flowers.”. In a nation brimming with publicity, this advertisement for the city is what it’s supposed to be. It has enough exercises to fill a long time on end. With the minimal effort of movement and living, it’s no big surprise an ever-increasing number of individuals are visiting the city. This place is simply wonderful and has a lot more to offer to its tourists. This city is the primary city that has the metro system available serving both the north-south to the west side of the city. 

How to go to Medellin

Every year many tourists and visitors come to Medellin for various purposes. Be it a vacation with family or solo trip, this place offers a lot of things to do. 

The visitors can reach Medellin via different international flights. These flights are operating from the international airport at the Jose Maria Cordoba airport. 

The airlines such as the Copa airlines, JetBlue airlines, Spirit Airlines and the LATAM airlines offer special deals to the passengers for travelling to Medellin South America. Find the cheapest flight offers with Avianca Airlines from all major airports in US.

After reaching the Medellin, the shuttle services are available from the airport that takes the passengers to the downtown of the Medellin. 

Best time to visit Medellin

Medellin Beautiful Beaches – South America

The climate of the Medellin is humid and subtropical that is followed by the frequent rainfall and the temperature of the place alleviate because of the altitude. 

However, there is no particular season to visit Medellin, one can plan a visit to this place in the month of July. July is an ideal month as the frequent rainfall takes place and the flowers are in full bloom at this time.

Note: it’s better to avoid visiting Medellin during the dry seasons in the month of September and November. 

Things to do in Medellin

Medellin hosts the very famous flower festival known as the annual flower festival which is a must in the bucket list. Besides this, this place has a lot of things that can be discovered.  The things that can be done in the Medellin are:

Explore Jardin Botanico

Jardin Botanico is a very beautiful botanical garden in the Medellin. This garden is away from the chaos of the city and offers a peaceful surrounding. Spread across the 14 hectares, this botanical garden is home to 139 different birds and 4,500 different flowers. 

This garden also hosts various events, concerts, etc throughout the year. 

The restaurant can also be found for the tourist who wants to spend some time viewing the scene of this beautiful garden

Explore the  the Museo de Arte Moderno

The Museum of Modern Art, situated in a repaired mechanical structure, is a marvellous show-stopper in itself. There’s a huge amount of uncovered territory, giving it a truly beguiling feel. Numerous individuals have an adoration abhor relationship with present-day workmanship (it’s not my undisputed top choice, I concede) however even I making the most of my visit here. 

The assortment is little, but at the same time, there’s a lovely photography area on the base floor. Regardless of whether it’s not your thing, it merits putting in two or three hours here to get a feeling of the cutting edge workmanship scene in the city.

A day trip to Guatape

Guatape is a vibrant and colourful village in Medellin. A day trip to this village is really worth it. This place is famous for the EL Penol which is a granite monolith that is constructed with more than 700 concrete stairs at the sides. This granite monolith offers a 360-degree view of the region from the above. 

Tour Comuna 13

This place in the Medellin is the most violent city. The street art of this place is really appreciable and it has a huge incursion of the tourists. 

Casa de la memoria

Casa de la memoria is a must in the bucket list. This wonderful memory was introduced in the year 2012 and gives an exposure to the history and the war of the Medellin. It is recommended not to miss this place in Medellin. It consists of important sights. 

Explore the Food Tour – Guide for Vacation At Medellin

In case you’re hoping to taste an example of what Medellín brings to the table, there are two or three food visit organizations that can help. It’s an extraordinary method to get a desire for the neighbourhood cooking while at the same time finding out about the nation’s customs simultaneously. There are a lot of alternatives, for example, road food visits from Toucan Café or increasingly conventional neighbourhood eatery visits from Medellín City Tours.

Important Points : Guide for Vacation At Medellin

  • There is no requirement of the tourist visa for Medellin if staying not more than 90 days.
  • The attire of the Medellin is quite formal and it is recommended to the visitors to carry some formal clothes such as long pants with them
  • Carry a bottle of drinking water while roaming with the villages of the Medellin

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