Cali Columbia Vacation Guide 2021

About Cali

Cali is the capital of the Valle del Cauca department that is situated in Columbia. This city is an extraordinary modern city with a diverse population. Cali offers the tourists an ultimate experience by enjoying swimming, soccer, volleyball, running, tennis, golf, and a lot more as it is the center of the outdoor activities and sports. 

Cali in Columbia is steeped in its rich history and a variant culture. Besides this, the Cali is also famous for its music and dance and is also called the Salsa capital. This city has many amazing restaurants to offer to the visitors and the nightlife is tempting. 

How to go to Cali

Cali is a city that is famous for various things. This place has a perfect package to offer to its visitors. Everyday many international flights are flying to Cali. Booking the flights with United Airlines, Avianca Airlines, and the United States can get huge deals on the Cali flights. 

The airport that is operational in the Cali is the Cali Alfonso B. Aragon Intl Airport. 

The tourist can easily get rental cars or taxis to get around the place. Besides this, the shuttle services, public buses are also available at the airport. 

The shuttle services can be a bit expensive as compared with the taxis. 

When to visit Cali

Cali temperature is quite hot in the month of the march through this time, the rain rarely falls once every 7 days. This is the busiest month for the visitors in Cali. This spring is considered a good time to be in Cali. 

Besides this, the perfect month to visit Cali is December. This month is the second busiest month for the Cali tourists.

Things to do in Cali

Cali is a city that is full of rhythm and it has a lot more that can be explored by travelers. The places that are worth for your bucket list are:

La Ermita church

 this beautiful church is built inspired by the Gothic architecture and the church is steeped into the rich history of this place. This church has kept the images that are three centuries old. 

Shopping in Cali

Cali also has great shopping hubs available for the tourists. These shopping outlets are modern and top-notch with the latest trendy clothes available for women. These shopping outlets also offer dining and entertainment activities to the tourists. 

La tertulia museum of modern art

The wonderful la tertulia museum modern art consists of the three buildings. The first buildings consist of the national and international arts. The second building is about cinemas and exhibitions. And the third building is about the restoration workshop.

Simon bolivar museum

This museum shows the history of the  Libertador’s stay in this area along with its rich culture and heritage. This place is famous because the Palomo, the bolivar’s horse was buried at this place. 

Zoo in Cali

Families with kids will adore this visit to the zoo in Cali. This is viewed as the best zoo in the nation. The zoo was established in 1970, and it has a decent assortment of animal varieties indigenous to Colombia, which incorporates chiguiros (capybaras), monkeys, insect-eating animals, and a butterfly walled in area. The zoo has an aquarium with salt and freshwater species, and its butterfly garden with 800 types of butterflies will amaze you. They have such a great amount to offer that you and your children will appreciate being here. 

Cristo Rey

Like Rio de Janeiro, Cali is home to an enormous figure of Jesus with his arms spread, sitting above the city and its inhabitants. Cristo Rey is found 1,440 meters (4724 feet) over the ocean level and is viewed as cooler than the valley underneath. The sculpture is recorded as the tenth biggest sculpture of Jesus on the planet. At the point when you’re visiting this spot, make certain to bring a coat or a sweater if going toward the evening or night time. 

Iglesia Ia Ermita

Iglesia Ia Ermita is situated in the focal point of the city of Cali. Iglesia Ia Ermita is known for its Gothic Style and is the quintessential postcard picture of Cali. You can locate the melodic clock and windows, which are from Amsterdam, while the iron doors were made in Cali in 1973. Iglesia Ia Ermita jelly pictures over three centuries old, for example, those of the Virgen de Ios Dolores, Christ de Ia Cana, San Roque, and San Jose. The congregation is visited by numerous guests every year, so in case you’re visiting excellent Cali, remember to visit the Iglesia Ia Ermita.

Important points 

  • While traveling to Cali, make sure to carry comfortable and light-weighted clothes along with you. 
  • The easiest and quickest way to get around the city is via the integrated transportation system known as MOI.

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