Planning Cruise Trip? Important 10 Things to Remember

Going on a cruise trip is one of the most amazing experiences any traveller can have in their lifetime. A journey through water is something that every traveller wants to experience once in their lifetime. Surrounded all over with the water and a peaceful blue sky above, going on a cruise trip the best time to click the best pictures and make the most of your trip.

However, It is always better to have planned in advance before going on a cruise trip which will make your experience twice better. So, what are some of the tips and tricks which you must consider before planning a cruise trip?  

In this article, we will enlist 10 top things which the travellers must plan before going on a cruise trip.

Let us Proceed!

  1. Research and Choose

One of the most important thing before going for a cruise trip is to research for all the options available for a cruise over the internet and pick the best. Different Cruises offers different services as per their policies. Hence, it is recommended to read as much as you can about the food,  fun services, ports, and the arrangement of the cabin before you choose the cruise you want to travel in. This will help you to choose the cruise which aligns with your travel goals and will also save you from getting on a boring Cruise trip.

  1. Pack Wisely

Another important thing which you must keep in mind is to pack wisely for your trip. Make a list of all the things which you might need while your Cruise trip and carefully pack all the items.  Also, do not pack unnecessary items which will only increase your load over The Cruise. Pack some iconic sailor dresses for your trip with some cool hats to click great pictures. Also, keep with yourself some labels and basic health kits to make sure you don’t run out of basic resources on your trip. 

  1. Do not forget your Camera

A cruise trip is one of the best moment to click the best pictures with blue calm ocean and blue skies. If you are going on a cruise trip,  do not forget to bring your camera and click some of the most iconic and unforgettable memories of your life. Because it is important to capture the moments in your camera in order to relieve them in your life later.

  1. Reach the Night Before

Many travellers tend to miss their Cruise trip due to the traffic, bad weather or other unforeseen troubles. Therefore, it is recommended for the travellers to check all the information for Cruise schedule and fly or drive to the port City night before. This will also help you to add a day to your vacation and also bypass the pre-departure formality without any hassle.

  1. Ignore the Pool

Many people over the cruise prefer to hang out near the pool,  while many of the ships contain very fewer chairs near the pool to accommodate everyone. Therefore, it is advised that if you want to enjoy your trip and spend some quality time, you ignore the pool which is mostly crowded and go for some places having multiple levels of seating available to enjoy at a place you can call your own. 

  1. Do not Forget the Spa

Getting a spa is one of the most amazing experience while being on your Cruise trip. It is also recommended to get your Spa pass in advance as you can find a lot of rush with a ridiculously overpriced massage on board.  Get your spa pass in advance which will also help you save money and let you use some of the best spa facilities such as steam rooms, heated tiles round, thalassotherapy pools, and much more.

  1. Enjoy the Disco

In order to shake up your trip a bit,  do not forget to enjoy at the disco on your Cruise trip.  The disco st the Cruises are arranged on a particular theme where you can get to meet some interesting characters, have fun dancing on the floor together and supercharge your trip. 

  1. Take Duct Tape with You

It may seem weird to you but bringing a roll of duct tape with you on your Cruise trip will prove to be a Savior for you in many ways you can think of. Once you are on board, you can use the duct tape for various helpful uses. Many time when the ship hits rough waters,  the drawers in your cabin may roll open and destroy your valuable stuff. Hence, having a duct tape can be used to keep drawers from rolling open and keep your thing safe. Apart from that, you can also use the duct tape to take the lint off of your formal dress or fix your suitcase if broken in mid of the trip.

  1. Go for a Lower Deck

Some people might feel seasickness due to the imbalance on the Cruise. Hence, in order to prevent feeling nausea, it is advisable to book a room in the lower deck and in the centre of the ship which remains most stable at the time of the journey. Apart from that, you can also order green apple with a bit of ginger along with fixing your gaze on the horizon to prevent nausea while travelling through Cruise.

  1. Do not Tip Double at Bars

One of the wisest tips which you must keep in your mind is to not double tip for the alcohol at bars. This is because most of the big ship line automatically put 15% of service charge on the alcohols at bars for the travellers. That means you are already paying 15% of extra charges for the alcohol you are purchasing in the bar at a cruise. Hence,  it is advisable to not double tip at the bar and save your money for some useful and fun activities later.


Going on a voyage trip is one of the most astounding encounters any voyager can have in the course of their life. An excursion through water is something that each voyager needs to encounter once in the course of their life. But before going on the Cruise trip, the travellers must keep in mind the given above tips and tricks to make their experience better and seamless.

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