Everything About United Airlines: Facts, Reviews, Guide and News

Everything About United Airlines: Facts, United Airlines is one of the most desired airlines of America having its headquarter in Chicago, Illinois.  United Airlines was founded in the year 1926 as a mail service carrier airline which was named as Vaney Airline. Currently, United Airlines comes as the third number for leading airline all around the globe. 

In the year 2018, United Airlines came up as the fourth highest airline in terms of the domestic market share, accounting for a share of over 15% among other airlines of the US.  

The regional service of United Airline is managed and operated by United Express, which is an independent carriers service. The main area of operation for United Airlines lies in Denver, Chicago, Newark, Houston and San Francisco.  While the largest hub for United Airlines is in the D.C. Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport which constitutes for over 10.5 million passengers as of the year 2018 for United Airlines. 

Some of the top competitors of United Airlines are American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. 

Some Important Facts & Figures of United Airlines

The given section will include the corresponding facts and figures related to United Airlines which will provide you with a compact summary of the major airline of America.

  • Currently,  United Airlines constitutes for a total of 10.7% of domestic market share among other US Airlines.
  • The net income of United Airlines accounts for a total of 3 billion USD around the globe.
  • United Airlines holds for total operating revenue of 43.2 billion USD.
  • The contribution of United Airlines as an air transportation industry to the GDP of US accounts for a total of 142.4 billion USD.
  • The baggage fee revenue for United Airlines accounts for a total of 888.7 million USD.
  • Worldwide, 162.4 million passengers have been boarded by United Airlines till the present time.
  • Approximately 25% of Americans agreed to be very satisfied with the connection of United Airlines to public transportation at the US airport.
  • United Airlines has scored an index of 70 in the American customer satisfaction index. 

Everything About United Airlines: Facts, Reviews, Guide and News

Top Reviews and Recommendations

The review of an airline company helps the customers get an idea of the quality of service provided by the airline company. The reviews posted for the United Airlines constitutes of various factors such as the comfort of the seats, the on-board experience of passengers,  quality of customer service, check-in and boarding, in flight amenities, value for money and so on. In this section, we will discuss an honest review and recommendation with regards to United Airlines of America.

Let us  overview the review of United Airlines in terms of various services and boarding factors through the table given below:

Review MetricsRatings
Quality of Customer Service3.5/5
Check-in and Onboarding3/5
Onboarding Experience3/5
Comfort of Seats3/5
Room for Legs3.5/5
In-flight Amenities3.5/5
Value for Money3/5
Hygiene and Cleanliness4/5
Food and Beverages3.5/5

Let us look at some of the pros and cons as reviewed and recommended by the travelers of United Airlines:


  • Great customer service with friendly crew members.
  • Smooth and comfortable flight with good legroom.
  • High-quality in-flight amenities are available for the entertainment of customers.


  • Food Service of the airline is not up to the mark.
  • A great deal of delay and missed connection during the on boarding.
  • Higher prices in terms of baggage policy for the fair rate.

A Travelling Guide to United Airlines

Baggage Details

For United Airlines,  the passengers can carry one carry-on bag and one personal item including some special items. 

The carry-on bag should be big enough to fit in the overhead space and the maximum dimensions of the bag should be 9 inches x  14 inches x 22 inches including the handles and wheels. 

The personal items should also fit the underneath seat with the maximum dimensions as 9 inches x  10 inches x 17 inches. 

Other items which the Travelers can bring include a jacket, reading material, umbrella,  diaper bag, camera, child safety seat, and a pet carrier.

Onboarding Services

The various on boarding services which the United Airlines include for the passengers constitute of the dining facilities, entertainment facilities such as TV shows, music video playlist, complimentary earphones, etc.; free in flight Wi-Fi,  in flight purchasing receipts, power connection and various seating options.

Special Needs Travel

United Airlines also provides special travel arrangements for customers with disabilities through which it provides the arrangement of on-board medical oxygen,  FAA approved ventilator, respirator, or other medical machines, wheelchair battery packaging, electric wheelchair, and even a psychiatric service animal in the cabin.

Travelling with Animals

In order to travel with animals,  the animal should be large enough to fit in the travel carrier underneath the seat in the front. The animals are only allowed on selected interconnected flights and the cabin.  

United Airlines does not allow the Pitbull breed dog into the cabin. In order to travel with an animal, the passengers have to pay a service charge of $125 each way and additional $125 as a service charge for more than 4 hours within the US and 24-hour outside of the US. Also, the animals which are to be traveled with travelers must be at least 16 weeks (4-month-old). 

Latest News and Happenings at United Airlines

Some of the current happenings and news related to United Airlines are given in the points below:

  • United Airlines decided to cut half its flight by expecting no more than 30% of passengers during the corona virus pandemic.
  • United Airlines cut the schedule of North American flights by 10%  and international schedule by 20% for the month of April until the month of May.
  • 10,000 dollars paid by United Airlines to the passengers for downgrading from business class to premium economy class on the flight.
  • Due to the impact of corona virus, the CEO and President of the United Airlines decided to forgo their basic salary and till the month of June amid the dramatic cuts to the schedule.


United Airlines is known as one of the most preferred airlines of America which constitutes for a total of 10.7% of domestic market shares among the other Airlines of the US. The above article overviews the different aspects of United Airlines including the facts and figures stating the compactness of the airline industry. Further, the article also demonstrated the reviews and Recommendation in regards to United Airlines along with a guide to travelling through United Airlines and the current happenings.

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