Most Scenic Road Trips in USA

You won’t be able to know about how diverse and truly beautiful the USA is unless you explore it by driving across it. You might not be able to explore this incredibly diverse state until you actually get a road trip to start discovering the place.  

Road trips in the USA can be really mesmerizing as it has right from the rain forest oceans to high desert that can be covered in half a day via road trip in the USA.

Besides this, if you go to Georgia this place alone has five distinct regions for the travelers to explore on a road trip.  These five regions lie between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic ocean in Georgia. 

If you want to add some more twists in your USA road trip you can drive 12 hours to explore Texas where you can witness diverse ecosystems and a wine country.  You can get an amazing and accessible drive near you.  

Going for an individual drive to this beautiful stretch of road in the USA could be one of the best experiences of road trips. The travellers can also explore its crisscrossed great roadways for an adventurous road trip. 

Most scenic trips in USA 

The American Road Trip stays probably the best approach to see the nation, to take in its excellence and glory. The travelers must invest a little energy driving randomly around the nation, becoming more acquainted with its places, history, and individuals only somewhat better.

Although, before starting your never forgetting journey to the United States of America, it is better to plan in advance so that you don’t miss out on some of the best destinations on your journey.  

Below given is a complete list of most scenic destinations which you must explore while your road trip to the USA.


There does not need to be any legendary backdrop to put Alaska in the list of one of the most scenic destinations in the USA, as the natural beauty at this place is already what makes this place iconic. 

On your road trip to Alaska, you will get the never before wildlife watched opportunity where you will get to see the adventures of nature very closely.  It is also known as the valley of the eagles which is home to some of the largest gathering of eagles around the globe.

 You can also picnic at the Chilkat River or camp at the Chilkoot lake which is also known as the Mosquito lake. 

Finally, at night, you can also pull up for a cold beer at the Heinz brewery.


Running all the way from South Carolina to the Kansas border, you will have to drive to 200 miles which will take you to Alabama, crossing the Appalachian Mountains and the Talladega National Forest. 

 At this route, you will find the two-lane strip which runs inconsistently with the terrain. While on your journey on this route, you can stop in between to watch a movie at the most famous movie theatre, the Grand River Dive-in.  

Apart from this, you can also explore the Holly springs National forest and the beautiful lakes inside which will make you starstruck with its beauty.


If you have visited the USA and did not visit the most beautiful state, California, then you are missing a whole lot on your trip. 

The road trip to California will take you to one of the most famous and Most iconic roads of America.  California is a trip which will not only make you wonder about the destination but will also mesmerize you at every step of your trip.   

On your trip to California, you will find a never-ending list of famous stops such as Malibu, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Big Sur and one of the most platonic ideal destinations, Pebble Beach. 

Although, going on a trip to California can cost you slightly more but the not to be missed scenic destination and the trekking experience in California will make it totally worth it. 

If you want you can also read the complete travelling guide to California.


Going 54 miles from Arkansas, you will get to explore the queen Wilhelmina State Park which is the most famous park in the nation.  

At this road, you will also get to explore the amazingly coloured vistas and the winding roads where hundreds of people drive from miles to enjoy them and take some of the most iconic photographs. 

 You will also not want to miss the wonder house which will appear to you a regular two-story house from the outside but from the inside, you will find it to be a 9 story house. 

Finally, to dine and lodge you can stop at Queen Wilhelmina where you will get the delicious Southern cuisine with the mesmerizing Mountain View while you dine. 


At route 66 of America, one of the most iconic and fantastic spots is found in Arizona. From the breath-taking mesmerizing rock formations to the early Native American dwellings, you will find everything at this part outside the Sedona.  

Also, if you are a fan of the supernatural,  you will find here Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock which are two of the biggest spiritual energy formations.  

On your trip to Sedona, you can also stop at the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park as well as Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village where you will get to explore the mesmerizing 36 foot tall Buddha and Stupa.


While on your road trip to the USA, you will find one of the most iconic and mesmerizing destinations all over the globe.  

While some of these destinations will leave you starstruck because of the natural beauty, some destinations will make you want to visit the place again and again because of its royalty and modernity.  

Some of the best destinations which one can visit while on a road trip to the USA include Arizona, Alaska, California, Arkansas, and Alabama. If you want to make your road more exciting, you must know about some of the great ideas you must know for an incredible US trip.

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