Priceline Flights

The priceline flights was established in the year 1997 with the motive of offering the best flights in the most economical rate. Priceline flights started their company with a small organization with only 10 staff. This company grew at a rapid speed and now has become a pioneer in the airline industry. They know that travelers want to travel but they are not willing to spend much of their money on their flight bookings.

You can grab the exclusive deals available for the flight tickets while booking with the priceline flights. You can book your flights for the top destinations around the world such as Honolulu, Los angeles, san francisco, las vegas, New York City, Houston TX and many more. For visiting these destinations, you can get incredible deals on the priceline flights.

When you put your search with the priceline flights, they search for over 100 airlines and bring you the best that you are looking for at the best price. They make sure that you get the value for your money.

Baggage information

There are certain baggage charges and limitations that are required for you know prior to your traveling.
Each flights have their own baggage charges and limitations. There are certain airline that do not charge you for the extra baggage whereas there are certain airline where you will have to pay for your extra baggage, the airline have some fixed limitations following the dimensions and the weight of the baggage, if it exceeds the limit, you will be applicable for the additional charges. These charges are different for all the airlines.
The additional baggage fees are not included in your ticket. For extra baggage, the xharges will be known to you at the airport during check-in. There are airlines that allow you for the online check in, and they might charge less for the baggage.

Flights check in guidelines

Booking with priceline flights will let you get the cheapest flights. There are two ways for check in. either you can go for online check in or airport check in.

Online check in

Ther are airlines that provide the facility for online chreck ins. But you need to check in prior to 24 to 72 hours of your flight departure. This service will let you overcome from standing in a queue.
There are airlines that allows you to get the discounts for your extra baggage if you are checking in online. With the onliine check in, you can get your ticket number handy without any husle-bustle. You can check your flight status with the priceline flights.

Airport check in

Another option for check in is the airport check in. for airport check in, you need to be available priot to 2- 3 hours of your scheduled flight departure.
2 hours is suitable for domestic flights and 3 hours is suitable for the international flights.