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Iberia Airlines

Iberia Airlines, also known as, Lines Aeres de Espana, is the official flag carrier airline of the country Spain. It is based in Madrid and was found in the year 1927. It has possession of a base in Madrid-Barajas Airport and controls most of its activities from that base. Iberia Airline is owned by the Iberia Group, which also owns Iberia Express and Iberia Regional. Iberia, along with transporting it’s passengers to poles apart places, and also transporting cargo handles other flight related jobs such as aircraft maintenance, handling at the airport, IT system managements and in-flight catering. Iberia aircrafts take wing over to 90 total destinations in 39 countries all over the world.

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I have booked flights from Medeliin to Bogota connecting to Bridgetown Barbados on a Saturday morning. I have allowed 2 hrs and 35 minutes in Bogota between flights. The more I read about Avianca and delayed or cancelled flights the more I think I need to allow more time or perhaps just fly to Bogota the day before which would add about $300 in costs and cost a day of touring. The flight from Bogota departs at 14:00.

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The Iberia business class is a remarkable achievement in comfortable and well equipped for traveling for your business needs. This class provides everything you need to travel with comfort. With multiple charging slots for your handheld as well as portable computing devices and mouthwatering food available at your table whenever you want. There are high-quality wines, champagnes, beer, and food available and the staff is highly friendly and comfortable to interact with. You can work, read or sleep and the staff will make sure that you’re comfortable at all times.

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When boarding on the economy class, people don’t keep their hopes up much. But Iberia Air aims to take your hopes up to the sky and still exceed them. In Economy Class, they offer a spacious and breathtaking cabin to seat with designer cousin material along with full measures of comfort so that you never feel out of place. The seat is forward adjustable so that you can have more of a natural reclining position and it also comes with a headrest adjustment technology so that you can have your head at the right place to help you eliminate the fatigue you have been carrying around.

Iberia Economy Class Service

Iberia Airlines provides numerous top-notch airline reservation facilities. The Iberia Airlines have taken it to be their first priority that their customers have a satisfactory experience while boarding and traveling in their flights. You can avail the benefits of last minute deal Iberia Airlines by the following options.The e-ticketing system of Iberia Airline reservations is an immensely convenient process and is trusted by several customers worldwide. They save the records so that the customers can change the ticket anytime they want to, over call or online on their site. They have fax and e-mail services as well and they provide you the tickets e-mail or by fax after the payment is complete. You can then print the e-ticket and present it at the boarding area; their staff is going to guide you further in the boarding process.

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The airlines provide multiple discounts for handicapped or disabled people. You can avail several discounts coupons with some amazing last minute deals Iberia Airlines. With the help of these coupons and deals you can get cheap Iberia Airlines tickets. Iberia is a very trusted airline company that had continued to impress people by the amazing services that they provide. You'll be stunned by the amazing price and service balance they have.

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All our Boeing 787, Airbus A330, Airbus A321, Airbus A320, and Airbus A319 aircraft comes with the Business Class cabins. All our flights come with an adequate number of comfortable seats, so you can rest assured that you could have an enjoyable as well as a comfortable flying experience with us.

Frequent Flyer Program of Iberia

LifeMiles is the frequent flyer program of our airline. It is a three-tier program, which includes three levels, such as Gold, Silver, and Diamond, which covers all the airlines of Avianca Holdings. It is a free program, meaning passengers who are intended to join the program online have no need to pay any amount for the registration.

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