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Flights to Yerevan Armenia

Yerevan, which is the principal city of Armenia, is the capital as well as the biggest city in the country. It is one among the continuously occupied cities in the world. The city is located along the Hrazdan River and it is the cultural, administrative, as well as the industrial hub of Armenia. As the city was established during the eighth century, it is considered the oldest city in the country. Yerevan is popularly called as the Pink City of the country, owing to the color of the stones utilized to construct the major parts of the city center. At present, Yerevan is considered one of the renowned tourist destinations of the country.

  • Geghard

  • The Republic Square

  • Cascades and Lover's Park

  • History Museum of Armenia

  • The Yerevan Water World

  • The Northern Avenue

  • Watch the scenic beauty of the city from Cascade

  • Enjoy at the Yerevan Water World-the best theme park in the city

  • Have a romantic time at Lovers Park

  • Spend your entire day in a relaxed manner at the Republic Square

  • Visit the Northern Avenue

  • Football lovers can enjoy the match of their favorite team

Yerevan Armenia features a hilly continental type of weather. While August is the hottest month, January is the coldest month. While May is the dampest month in the city, August is the driest month. The best time to visit the city is from late May to early June or from late September to early October.

Flights to Yerevan Armenia

The Republic Square

The Republic Square is a gorgeous place that offers an immense relaxation to its visitors. It is an abode to many landmarks, including the National Gallery, the History Museum, as well as the Government House, in addition to the well-furnished Armenia Marriott Hotel. The man highlight of the square is the musical fountains. The square hosts a light show and an extraordinary fountain show between early spring and late fall with some grand music of different genres.


Geghard is considered the most stunning building, which is an UNESCO World Heritage place, as well. It is partly engraved into a mountain and is bounded by cliffs and trees. Although the monetary complex was established during the fourth century, its major chapel was constructed in 1215. The cliffs nearby the superb complex are a fraction of the Azat River ravine, with some churches. Tourists can immerse themselves into the medieval period while witnessing Geghard.

Cascades and Lover's Park

The Yerevan City has copious options for music aficionados, be it folk music, opera, rock, or dance music. Tourists can enjoy their favorite music at parks, restaurants, concert halls, nightclubs, and bars, as well. The Lover’s Park and Cascades frequently host recitals during the summer and spring months. The Komitas Chamber Music House and the Yerevan Opera Theatre frequently have inexpensive tickets for symphonies, operas, and ballets.

History Museum of Armenia

Tourists booking a flight to Yerevan Armenia and visiting the History Museum of Armenia will have an opportunity to know the earlier history of the city. The museum is crammed with more than 400,000 historical objects and it is considered the most appropriate museum for those that would like to know the history of the city. The museum also includes Ethnography, Numismatics, Archaeology, and Modern History sections, each having huge collections. Tourists can also enjoy witnessing the major collection of Armenian art.

The Yerevan Water World

The Yerevan Water World is one of the highly visited tourist destinations in the city. The park is extended over a vast area of three hectares. It is an ideal relaxing spot for adults and kids alike, as it includes 3 indoor pools, 7 outdoor pools, 12 waterslides, and 2 kids' areas. Tourists can enjoy the whole day with their family to make their tour a memorable one. The outside of the park has two big swimming pools, 3 waterslide pools, a celebrity pool and a kids’ pool, including a restaurant and food stands.

The Northern Avenue

The Northern Avenue is a famous shopping center in the city with a 27-meter wide lane that extends up to 450 meters. Shopping enthusiasts can have an enjoyable experience, as the sideways of the street are crammed with upscale shops, such as Steve Madden, Armani, Burberry, and Desigual. There are also underground malls where visitors can buy their things with a great bargain. Northern Avenue is the only pedestrian avenue in the city that consists of 4 small squares and 11 buildings.

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