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Westerland is a former municipality located on the Sylt island of Germany on the North Sea. It is basically a seaside resort. Westerland has been the part of the municipality Gemeinde Sylt since January 2009. It is located on the western shore of the Sylt Island. Westerland serves as the largest transportation hub, island’s largest resort as well as tourist industry center. It happened to be the northernmost town of Germany once upon a time. Westerland has been named as the ‘Beverly Hills’ of Germany due to its glamorous lifestyle and prosperous tourism industry. Westerland offers a lot of sightseeing and activities to the visitors and due to this a lot of tourists choose Westerland as their holiday destination as it is a delight for the eyes. You just need to board a Flight to Westerland to enjoy some good time.

  • St. Severin

  • St. Niels Church

  • Friedhof der Heimatlosen

  • Wunderbar Sylt

  • Golf-Club Sylt

  • St. Nikolai Church

  • Enjoy the good playing experience at Golf Club

  • Explore the Wunderbar Sylt to get the amazing Experience

  • Enjoy Nightlife at Klahblatt Pub

  • Explore the whole city

  • Shopping

  • Enjoy games at Lucky's Bowling Center

You can look for the favorable time when you are going to plan your visit to Westerland. Try to visit this place at the best suitable season when the weather will be favorable to explore and experience the different activities of Westerland. The busiest month for tourism in Westerland is June, followed by May and August. You might experience high price on rents, flights and hotels during these months. But you can avail them at cheaper rate if you plan to book everything in advance. Not much people make a visit in October. If you are willing to visit at these times, you will likely find it the least expensive month.

Top Experience in Westerland

St. Niels Church

St. Niels church is a Lutheran church located on the Sylt islands of Germany at Westerland. The church was completed building in 1637. St. Neils church is considered as the oldest building in Westerland. This remarkable church comprises of different artistic hoards which looks awesome. One of the remarkable treasures has been a rood which was standing still from 13th or 14th century.

Friedhof der Heimatlosen

Friedhof der Heimatlosen is a cemetery of the brave martyrs of Germany who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of the country. But the cemetery is a bit small in size and is located in the center of the small town. We expected a big cemetery, but it is rather small. You can find rows of cremated graves along with the tomb that indicates the date and time where the dead body of the sailor was found.

St. Nikolai Church

Nikolai church is the patron saint of seafarers. The name has been given appropriately by the nature of this church. It is the largest church in the Sylt islands. It was built by the prussian rulers in 1908. The structure was a small brick building with a neat graveyard surrounding one of its sides. The church comprises wooden pillars, large impressive arches and a small choir area.

Wunderbar Sylt

The place is a fabulous place to visit for those people who opt for a bicycle ride or just walk by the island. This island is stunning and pretty marvelous for biking and walking along with the beautiful beaches. Another place you can opt to visit is next to the danish frontier which is nearly 200 km from Hamburg. The place is quiet and calm so ideal to relax.

Golf-Club Sylt

Choose this beautiful golf club to enjoy a good playing experience. Morsum is a private one and Budersand is more spectacular. This oldest golf club was established by the English army officers. You can find the clear sky and numerous clouds flying along with the beautiful standing lighthouse. The overall environment of the club is spectacular and very pleasant.

St. Severin

St. Severin is a Lutheran parish church in Keitum on the island of Sylt, northern Germany. It was named after the 4th-century bishop Severin of Cologne. Built in the Romanesque style and first documented in 1240, the church stands back from the town at a higher elevation. The tower was built around 1450 and served as a navigation mark for seafarers as well as a prison.

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