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Flights to Umea

There are only some places which are rich in history and their cultural heritage is something that people are drawn towards. These places showcase their history in the grandest fashion possible and commemorate all the special things that took place in the past with the help of souvenirs and all the priceless belongings in museums to showcase them to the best of their capability. A visit to Umea is something that is going to provide you just that. A Swedish City, the surroundings of the area is filled with places where people are provided many opportunities to showcase their historical skills and heritage.

  • Västerbottens Museum

  • Tva Fiskare umea

  • Guitars – the Museum

  • Älgens Hus umea

  • Rex Bar och Grill

  • House of Metal

  • Umedalens Skulpturpark

  • Västerbottens Museum

  • Umedalen Sculpture Park

  • Bildmuseet. Source: bildmuseet

  • Umea Radhus

  • Umeå City Church.

Sweden is the place that provides the best of both the Seasons- it is an easy-going place when you can explore all the beautiful attractions in the warm weather which is comforting, and if you want to experience the snow-covered ice caps and the chilly weather, then that is something that the place is also willing to offer.

Top Experience in Umea

Västerbottens Museum

This Museum is a part of the Grand Gammlia museum in the City, and you can consider this one as the stars attraction of the place. Once you visit the place you will be taken on a long journey through the ages where you will be able to witness all the major events that took place in the City.


If a foodie you are, then this is the best place that you can find in the city. Of course, there are many people who want to try all the famous delicacies of the city that they are visiting, and this place does exactly that, with the help of a sophisticated and elegant building near the railway station.

Tv a Fiskare umea

Of course, seafood is something that really makes the person eating it licks his fingers up. And what this place is mainly concentrating on is fish. Everything is based on fish, but it is for sure that you are not going to be bored by all the delicacies made in the area, since every one of them is so much different from the other, ranging from soup to Crab cakes as well.

Guitars the Museum

ou might think that this seems to be an unusual name for a museum, right? Well, it certainly is. But once you visit the place that is not going to be the case and that is not going to be what you think about the Museum in particular. This Museum focuses on one thing and one thing only which can even be suggested by the name that it possesses- guitars.

Älgens Hus umea

This is one of the places that you can visit if you are traveling with your family, as it is surely going to get the kids all riled up. The place is where Moses is preserved, and they are spread across a vast forest area.

Rex Bar och Grill

Unlike the previous one, this place is a restaurant which has been designed according to the high-class society. The place is for the people who are looking to explore the rich and majestic tastes of the city and can afford the precious plating that are served.

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