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The city of Tokyo has a history that stretches back as far as 400years and was formerly known as Edo until 1868.It is regarded as the center of Japanese Government, finance and culture. It is a cosmopolitan city, a major transportation hub. The population of Tokyo is predominantly madeup of Japanese and other minorities. The city hosts a large number of educationalinstitution; it is home to a large number of universities in Japan. With Airohub, you can be in Tokyo to view what if offers. Take a flight to Tokyo today!

  • Imperial Palace

  • Tokyo Skytree

  • Yakata-Bune Riverboat

  • Sensoji

  • Tsukiji Fish Market

  • Ginza

  • Visit Imperial Place

  • Explore Edo-Tokyo Museum

  • Visit Rainbow Bridge

  • Enjoy the varieties of fishes in Tsukiji Fish Market

  • Visit largest Buddhist temple Sensoji

  • Visit Tokyo Disneyland & Disney SEA

The best period to visit is in September and November as it coincides with some festivals and the summer. But January and February isn’t bad as well; the weather is sunny and dry with the sightseeing spots having fewer crowds.You should also strike out visiting Tokyo from January 1st to 4th all the museums and some restaurants close down for the New Year.

Top Experience in Tokyo

Imperial Palace

If you intend seeing the emperor, then you will have to visit on December 23rd and January 2nd. This is the Emperor’s birthday and a New Year’s greeting. If you have a good height, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the man-god himself with a sea of Rising Sun flag-wavers.

Tokyo Skytree

It is regarded as the world’s tallest tower, it is measured 634 meters, 24 meters higher than China’s Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower. The Guinness tallest building houses and features shops, restaurants and observation deck that provides a birds-eye view all the way back to Guangzhou.

Yakata-Bune Riverboat

Yakata-Bune Riverboat located at the Sumida River with a perfect view of the skytree, you can experience a traditional Japanese boat with a touch of theancient pub. For a little as $100, you can eat, drink food and sip beer in large groups while the boatfloats through the river.

Tokyo Disneyland & Disney SEA

Tokyo Disneyland & Disney SEA based on Walt Disney film, it is a 115-acretheme park. It was opened in 1983 as the first Disney Park outside the United States.


This is the largest Buddhist temple in Tokyo is dedicated to the Goddess of mercy known as Bodhisattva Kannon. It is Tokyo’s oldest temple and one of the most significant.

Tsukiji Fish Market

This is the biggest seafood and fish market in the world, it handles the sale of 400 types of seafood. The fish market has a Tuna auction which is it most interesting part.

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