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This small city in Romania is densely populated and is fast emerging as a tourist hub in the European region. The city has a rich heritage and some of the structures in this region date back to the 13th century. It was always the commercial hub of Romania and people from different regions of Europe used to frequent the city for business activities. You will be surprised to know that the city had street lights even in 19th century and it was very well organized. The climate of the region is also conducive for tourism and other business activities. You can easily take the flight from Timisoara and visit any part of Europe within a couple of hours.

  • Orthodox Cathedral

  • Unirii Square of Timisoara

  • Historical centre of Timisoara

  • Bega River of Timisoara

  • Rose Park

  • Grandina Zoo

  • Visit the Rose Park with your family

  • Visit Squash Sport Arena

  • One Move Climbing Gym

  • Explore the whole beautiful City

  • Bike ride from Romania to Serbia

  • The artspace you will wanna visit

The best time to visit the place will be during the summer season as you will not face any inconvenience due to weather conditions. The winter season may have snowfall and some of the places will not be open for tourists in this season. However, many people choose the winter season as they get lot of holidays during this time and they come to this city to enjoy the Christmas celebrations. You can book ticket to Timisoara along with accommodation from the leading online tour operators. This will save you money and also make it convenient for your family to enjoy the vacation in a comfortable manner.

Top Experience in Timisoara

Orthodox Cathedral

You can visit this amazing place to spend a peaceful time during your vacation.You will be completely impressed with the serenity in the surrounding place. The architecture of the cathedral is wonderful and it is very big in size. You can visit the church during the evening to see the wonderful lighting of the interiors. Many tourists come here with friends and family members and spend some time during the evening. The cathedral is very large and it can easily accommodate 4000 people in the hall.

Unirii Square of Timisoara

It is one of the oldest landmarks of the city and you can see some interesting structures that belong to the ancient era.The amazing terraces can be used for spending some time with your friends and you can even have lunch or enjoy your coffee at this location. Even the local people enjoy this amazing place and hang out with their friends to have a drink on special occasions. You can see thousands of pigeons spread around the entire square and many people even feed the pigeons in this place.

Historical centre of Timisoara

The best time to visit this place is during Christmas as it will be completely decorated and you can get to see some amazing products sold by the local people. The Christmas Fair is the biggest attraction of this place and you can even have your favourite delicacies at the local restaurant of this area.If you are travelling with your family, you can stop over at this place to have your favourite drinks at the cafes and restaurants of the region.

Bega River of Timisoara

The unique aspect of this river is that it runs throughout the city across various landmarks and you can walk past the river for a very long distance. Surrounding area is very well maintained and you can see lots of greenery around the river. The water moves at a slow pace and you can conveniently go for a Boat Ride in the river. There are many restaurants situated close to the river. The best time to visit this city is during the spring season when you can see lots of greenery throughout the city.

Rose Park

If you are visiting the city during summer, you should make it a point to include this location in your list. You will get to see lots of roses during the peak season.The entire area is situated very close to the Bega River and this adds a lot of charm to the entire Park. The park has a lot of benches for tourists and you can comfortably sit for as long as you want and enjoy the natural beauty of the place. Even your children can enjoy by playing at the nearby park.

Grandina Zoo

This zoo is very small but has many attractions for tourists. You can easily spend your day comfortably at this place and your children will completely enjoy the visit to the zoo. The best place to visit the zoo is during the weekend as it will have sufficient crowd and you can enjoy the entire atmosphere in a comfortable manner. Make sure that you carry a good camera along with you so that you can take some pictures with your family.

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