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Flights to Tegucigalpa

As the biggest city and capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa is one of the best tourists’ attractions of the world. Located in the southern central highland region, the city has the wonderful location in the mountainous region. As the political and administrative nerve of its nation and its tropical climate, the place has the magnetic attraction that makes the tourists take the first flight to Tegucigalpa. The national park, museums, scientific institutions, and galleries charm the visitors with their pristine and ethereal appeals. Over the years, the natural places and imposing monuments in the city get innumerable tourists from all over the world.

Must Visit Places and Things to do

1. Museum for National Identity-true worth of ticket to Tegucigalpa

The museum for national identity is an institution dedicated to the procurement and preservation of material and immaterial evidence that survived and perished on the earth of Honduran territory. The unique things preserved in this national museum linger on the minds of visitors till they take the flights from Tegucigalpa. The rooms in the national museum have the greatly stored the pristine items dating back to earlier eras, which were discovered by collectors from time to time.

2. Our Lady of Suyapa- a visit is true worth of airfare for Tegucigalpa

​This unique place is the abode of Virgin Mary, whom the people of Tegucigalpa lovingly call Virgin of Suyapa. The cedar wood statue of mother of Jesus Christ is the most popular image of the place that gets highest turnout from every corner of the world. At the end of pilgrimage, the visitors feel blessed and realize that they have got back thousand times more in value of their spending in airfare for Tegucigalpa.

3. Aladino Casino- just get back the price of ticket to Tegucigalpa

For the casino lovers, Aladino Casino has a lot to offer as entertainment. Equipped with a number of slot machines and poker tables, the casino offers top jackpots and wide selection of games that the visitors play for long hours. Many of the visitors leave satisfied as they pocket the entire price of ticket to Tegucigalpa.

4. Spanish cultural Center- Know the best things about culture of Spain

As this institution has its dotted presence across the world, visitors assemble in great number to view the unique items of heritage from Spanish culture. Delighted to view the array of cultural items from past, they ultimately realize that the great city has really added to their knowledge about Spain.

5. Parque recreativo park- exceptional flora and fauna

Parque recreational park is the most wonderful natural place with its great flora and fauna and natural splendor. The tourists spend great week-end viewing the wild-life and flora and fauna. The innumerable species of birds add to the delight of visitors as they love to spend time with their families.

6. Museo Y. Souvenir- a place for authentic handicrafts

When the travelers look for great buys of authentic handicrafts while visiting this great destination on earth, they step in to this store to buy unique pieces that would serve as unforgettable memories of their trip to this place. It has a dedicated team to serve to the needs of visiting tourists.

7. Galero Nacional de Arte- view the great collection of items of arts

​The place has incomparable pieces of arts and paintings that the visitors visit every day and feel immense satisfaction after viewing the entire collection. The prehistoric rock art, sculptural and ceramic items, and other items have great historic values that give about the cultural heritage of the place.

8. St. Michel the Archangel cathedral- view the pristine Catholic religious building

As a catholic religious building in the city, this cathedral is one of the most visited sacred places of the city. It has the wonderful architecture by the brilliant architect Joseph Gregory Nazianzen Quiroz. The cathedral has so far stayed one of the most revered places of pilgrimage for innumerable tourists.

9. Puante Carias- view the marvelous suspension bridge

This wonderful bridge built over Choluteca River is a magnificent attraction for everyone. The site of the bridge is one of the favorite places for teeming number of tourists as it has 300 meters of length. Considered as the greatest works of architecture, the bridge still survives as one of the replicas of the Golden Gate Bridge.

10. El Christo Del Picacho- View the magnificent statue of Jesus Christ

The tallest statue of Jesus Christ in the northern tip of Tegucigalpa is a modern day marvel that draws hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. The monument is one of most visited places of the city as thousands of people pay their obeisance at the sacred site.

Best time to Visit

As the temperature of Tegucigalpa varies a little, January, February, March, April, November, and December are the best months for visiting this wonderful city. But temperature soars in the months of March, April, May, and August and for this the visitors need to stay cautious. As it rains heavily in May, June, and September, the number of visiting tourists falls considerably.


 Usually from January to April, the climate stays beautiful and tourists could easily make movement as temperature does not cross 31 degree centigrade.
 But the climate is not suitable for the tourists’ movements in the months of May and June because humidity in the day time is usually followed by rainfall in the evening.
 In the month of July climate is good, the climate suits everyone with moderate temperature and infrequent rainfall.
 It is least desirable to visit Tegucigalpa in the months of August and September because humidity is really high.
 The visitors could opt to go there in the month of October because of cool weather. This is the time the temperature does not cross 27 degree centigrade.
 But November and December are the two most beautiful months in a year as weather stays most pleasant during these months. Highest number of tourists arrives at this place during these two months.

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