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The popular tourist hub also happens to be the capital of Alsace and it attracts thousands of visitors from different regions of France and other neighboring countries. It is home to some of the best world heritage monuments and you will fall in love with the unique beauty of the city.
The city is very accessible in terms of local transportation and you can even travel using a bicycle which is usually not possible in many popular tourist destinations. If you have enough time during your vacation, you can even walk across the city and cover the major tourist attractions in a unique manner. This will become an unforgettable experience for your family and you will remember this vacation for a very long time in your life.

  • Cathedrale Notre Dame

  • La Petite

  • History Museum of Strasbourg

  • Parc de la Citadelle

  • Strasbourg Park

  • Centre ville

  • Strasburg Scooters

  • Wash your face in the dew of Arthur's Seat

  • Taste some whiskey at the Scottish Highlands

  • Explore the whole city

  • Sightseeing Tours

  • Visit Edinburgh Castle

If you want to enjoy the cold season, you can plan your vacation during the New Year holidays. The airfare for Strasbourg may be expensive in this season. On the other hand, if you are regularly planning a vacation to this city, it is a good idea to choose the summer months as they will give you more opportunities to explore the outside world without any restrictions. You will also feel comfortable to move outside as the temperature will not be very low in this season.

Top Experience in Strasbourg

Cathedrale Notre Dame

If you are familiar with the different cathedrals of France and Germany, you will be completely impressed with the overall architecture of this place as this is considered the most beautiful among them. It happens to be one of the biggest tourist attractions of the city and you can get to see the monument even from a very long distance in the City. The entry for this Cathedral is free and you can even get to watch the astronomical clock at this beautiful location. It also happens to be one of the tallest buildings of the city and you can even get to see the beautiful view of the entire City from the top of this building.

La Petite

The entire area is surrounded by beautiful houses and you can walk past the riverside and enjoy the beautiful attractions of this region. It is also called the local Venice and many tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful architecture of the city. The best way to cover the entire place is through a Boat Ride and you can even enjoy the amazing local delicacies at the restaurant and cafeterias. The entire region gets a festive atmosphere during Christmas and you will be able to cherish your vacation if you happen to visit the city during this season.

History Museum of Strasbourg

This happens to be the best museum of the city and you can even get audio guides to know more information about this museum. Many local travel operators organize the tour to this Museum as this gives you the complete glimpse of the rich Heritage and Culture of the region. There is no entry fee for this museum and public can easily access the Museum on the first Sunday of every month. The audio guide will give you complete information about the different aspects of the Museum and you can see a huge collection of rare items in this place.

Parc de la Citadelle

If you want to go out from the busy areas of the city, you can easily visit this park and enjoy relaxing time with friends and family members. Unique aspect of this Park is that it even has some equipment for exercising and many local people come here to work out on a regular basis. It is also a good playground for children and you can see many kids playing around in the park. The entire place is very well organised and you will be completely satisfied with your visit to this place.

Strasbourg Park

This is located at the center of the city and you can even get to see the European Council from this Park. It is a good time to enjoy a calm evening with friends and family and your children will enjoy the beautiful playground in this Park. There is a small animal park in the campus and this will be the biggest attraction for kids. You can also take the guided tour of the city and visit this amazing location during your vacation. The flight to Strasbourg can be easily booked online and you can even book accommodation for your family by using such services.

Centre ville

This is the central area of the city and you can get to enjoy the beautiful view of Cathedral and other local attractions at this place. If you happen to visit the place during weekends and festival seasons, you can even get to watch the performance of different musicians and renowned artists of the region. There are many cafes and restaurants in this place and tourists come here to enjoy shopping with friends and family members. You can relax at the nearby restaurant by enjoying the beautiful view of the river next to the location. Make sure that you pick up some of the beautiful and attractive items of the local region during your shopping activities.

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