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Stavanger is one of the largest cities of Norway and it is also a metropolitan area. Apart from that, the region is also significant from the administrative point of view as it is the centre for such activities in the Rogaland County. In terms of population, this occupies the fourth slot in the entire country and it is fast becoming a tourist hub due to its various attractions. The place is situated on the peninsula of Stavanger in Norway. It comes in the south western part of Norway and also happens to be the third largest city of this country. The city had its official beginning in the year 1125 and it was in this year the famous cathedral of the city was started. You can get to see ancient wooden houses in this city even to this date.

  • Kielland garden

  • Rogaland Museum

  • Cannon Park

  • Museums of Stavanger

  • Stavanger Concert Hall

  • Mosvatnet Lake

  • Enjoy Hiking and other sports activities near Lysefjorden and Kjeragbolten

  • Experience Base jumping

  • Visit the Rogaland Museum

  • Explore the whole city

  • Enjoy the Musical events

  • Visit the Missing Park

The place enjoys good weather throughout the year and you will not have any problems with regards to spending your vacation in the city. If you are visiting the place during winters, make sure that you bring sufficient warm clothes to keep you comfortable during your holidays. You can also take the flight from Stavanger and visit other nearby attractions. If you plan your holidays early, you can get a good discount on flight and accommodation charges.

Top Experience in Stavanger

City Lake and Park

At the centre of the city lies the most beautiful park that has an equally beautiful lake next to it. It was built during the period of 1868 and was recently renovated in the year 2007. You can also get to see the Kielland garden in this area. If you are planning to visit the city for your holidays, make it a point to visit this park as you can spend some relaxing time at this location.

Stavanger Concert Hall

If you love to enjoy concerts in an open hall, you should pay a visit to this place. You can even see the place being used for various public festivals and other concerts from popular artists around the world. The city is well known for its ancient art and many renowned performers from other regions come here to arrange concerts on special occasions.

Visit the Rogaland Museum

For art enthusiasts,Rogaland Art Museum will bring lot of satisfaction. You can find exotic paintings from renowned artists including Harriet Backer and Edvard Munch. The place also holds works of Olaf Lange and Kitty Kielland. If you are planning to visit this location, make sure that you have enough time so that you can cover all the major attractions in one visit.

Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The city has a unique museum that happens to be the one and only petroleum museum of the European region. Many tourists come here to visit the Norwegian Petroleum Museum and get knowledge about the various activities of the region. It is said that nearly 100 thousand people visit the place every year.

Cannon Park

Yet another popular tourist attraction of the city is the Canon Park that is built over a large area. Tourists also enjoy the visit to the Missing Park that is very famous in this part of the world. You can even visit the Mosvatnet Lake that is one of the largest lakes of the region and it even supplied drinking water to the city in the last century.

Missjonmuseet Museum

The best way to visit the top museums of this region is to book the flight to Stavanger from your city and enjoy your vacation in this amazing town. You can even consider visiting the Missjonmuseet Museum that is also the oldest museum of the region. It was built in the year 1864 and has thousands of exhibits of historical importance.

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