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This place is fast emerging as one of the leading travel destinations in Europe. It is also the cultural capital of the region and you can notice Romanians, Hungarians and even Germans in this region. However, the culture of Romania is widely spread across this region due to the presence of large number of people from this community.
In geographical terms, this town is situated in the southern region of Transylvania of Romania. Tourism is the biggest sector of this place and you can notice thousands of people from different parts of the world. It is also growing fast as an economic destination for the local companies.

  • Astra Museum

  • Biserica Romano Catolica

  • Orthodox Cathedral

  • Zoo Sibiu

  • Citadel Park

  • Brukenthal National Museum

  • Visit Orthodox Cathedral

  • Visit Citadel Park

  • Explore Zoo Sibiu

  • Must visit Biserica Romano Catolica

  • Visit to the Zoological Gardens

  • Explore Brukenthal National Museum

You can visit the city during summer season as you will not have any issues with traveling outdoors in this season. However, if you plan to visit during winter, you may not be able to cover all the attractions due to snow and other issues. The airfare for Sibiu is not very expensive and you can even get very good deals from online portals that offer these services. You should always make sure that you get in touch with reputed travel operators as they can help you with the accommodation facilities during your vacation. In this way, you will not have any issues with travelling for a long time with family.

Top Experience in Sibiu

Astra Museum

You can take a short walk from the centre of the city and visit this amazing museum. The Museum is spread over a large area that is close to 200 acres of land. You can see some of the best monuments and other heritage structures of the Romanian period in this place.

Biserica Romano Catolica

This amazing Church is a must visit for many tourists and it is well decorated even to this day. It is located in the main Plaza and the interior of the monument is very attractive. The unique aspect of this Church is that it was not converted and you can get to see the charm of old town at this location.

Orthodox Cathedral

One of the most Archaeological tourist attraction place in South America is Machu Pichu. It is situated in Peru surrounded by the Andes Mountains. This city was a secret to the world until 1911 when a book was published by Hiram Bingham.

Orthodox Cathedral

You can easily walk for a few minutes from the main Plaza and reach this amazing Cathedral. It has the best quality wall paintings spread across the interiors and you can access the place for free without any problems. You can visit the place on Sunday with your friends and family members to enjoy a peaceful day at the church.

Citadel Park

The amazing Park is situated between the two walls of the old city and you can enjoy a quiet evening at this place. Even the Theatre festival is conducted at this location and you will get to see the best performance from renowned artists of the region. You can still get to see some forts belonging to the 18th century at this Park.

Expo Reptile Vii

If you want to watch the huge collection of reptiles, you can visit this place. You can get to see crocodiles, lizards and many snakes at this zoo. It is a good place especially for kids and they will be completely impressed with the amazing arrangements at the location. The entire zoo is maintained properly and you will notice that it is very clean when compared to various other tourist attractions of the city.

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