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  • Joya de Cerén

  • El Imposible National Park

  • El Rosario Church

  • Suchitoto

  • The National Palace

  • Lake Coatepeque

  • Visit El Rosario Church

  • Explore Joya de Cerén, the only UNESCO World Heritage site of the city

  • Witness the gorgeous landscapes of the city at Cerro Verde National Park

  • Know the political facts of the city at the National Palace

  • kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, as well as in waterskiing at lake Coatepeque

San Salvador has a tropical climate throughout the year. The city will get the maximum rainfall from May to October. While the driest season of the city is from January to March and December, the coolest and the hottest month of the city are January and April respectively. The best months to visit San Salvador are April and November.

How To Fly to San Salvador

Joya de Cerén

Joya de Cerén is the most frequently visited as well as the only UNESCO World Heritage site of San Salvador. People taking a ticket to San Salvador and visiting the spot can take pleasure in witnessing the inspiring ruins of this Mayan agricultural village. It is a pre-Columbian period village, which belongs to A.D. 600 and it happens to be the most renowned archaeological site. Visitors are allowed to enter the site from morning 9.00 to evening 4.00 with the entrance fee of 3 USD per individual.

El Imposible National Park

El Salvador is an abode to four worth visiting national parks, among which the El Imposible National Park is the biggest one. The park is also an abode to one of the most delicate ecosystems of the world. Vacationers can book a flight from San Salvador and visit the park. It offers asylum for countless endangered plant species and animals. El Imposible means the Impossible and the name has been assigned to the park as it claimed the life of numerous mules and travelers because of its dangerously steep gorge.

El Rosario Church

Vacationers booking a flight from San Salvador and visiting the El Rosario Church will hard to consider that the cathedral is a worshipping place. This is because of the unwelcoming, barn-like look of the building. However, when tourists enter the church they will be amazed to see the astounding colored arched walls, which are beautifully decorated with scrap-metal images. Nowadays, the cathedral happens to be the most distinctive and unforgettable landmark of San Salvador.


Suchitoto is one of the most charming towns of San Salvador and El Salvador. Vacationers can book a flight from San Salvador to enjoy the beauty of the town, which is hovering on a hilltop, overlooking the impressive waters of the Lake Suchitlán. They can also take pleasure in witnessing a maze of overworked cobblestones and well-conserved colonial structural design.

The National Palace

The National Palace in the city offers a look at the historical, political, and national past of the city to the tourists. The palace consists of 4 major rooms and over 100 smaller minor rooms. Vacationers can book a flight from San Salvador and visit the palace to take pleasure in witnessing the 1900s furniture and well-curated chronological displays that represent the colorful past of the city.

Lake Coatepeque

Vacationers who would like to visit a peaceful holiday destination can take a ticket to San Salvador and visit the Lake Coatepeque. It is the most peaceful and the most sought-after tourist spot amid both local people as well as travelers to get the peace of mind. The lake is also an interesting activity spot where visitors can have a relaxing swim in the lake.

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