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San Pedro Sula, which is the capital city of Cortés Department, is the second biggest city as well as the major industrial hub of Honduras. People taking a ticket to San Pedro Sula and visiting the city have many thrilling things to do. They can explore the comprehensive list of worth seeing places, ranging from cultural attractions to historical places while they stay in the city.

  • The Mi Pequeño Sula Children’s Museum

  • Angeli Gardens

  • The Guamilito market

  • Hotel Terraza

  • The Museum of Anthropology

  • The Cusuco National Park

  • Pay an airfare for San Pedro Sula to know the culture of Honduras at Museo De Antropologia E Historia De San Pedro Sula

  • Make your stay in the city affordable at Hotel Terraza

  • Disco enthusiasts can have the best time at Confettis Disco

  • Enjoy witnessing the vibrant Guamilito Market

  • Bookworms can have a nice time at the Centro Cultural Sampedrano

San Pedro Sula experiences a tropical climate and nearly all months of the year in the city are marked by considerable rainfall. The average yearly temperature in the city is 26.5 degrees Celsius and the average precipitation in the city is 375.4 millimeters. The best time to visit and book a flight to San Pedro Sula is January and February and again between November and December, as the climate in the city will be very enjoyable.

Top Experience in San Pedro Sula

The Cusuco National Park

The Cusuco National Park is a natural area, which is recognized for supporting as well as cheering the wealthy bio-diversity of the city. Tourists can book a flight from San Pedro Sula to visit this thickly wooded area, which is an abode to several amphibian species. They can enjoy witnessing the four prevalent frog species as well as diverse varieties of jewel scarab beetles. It is an ideal place for those who want to pacify their soul.

Hotel Terraza

Hotel Terraza is the most sought-after lodging destination for both national tourists as well as for international travelers. This is for the reason that people booking a flight to San Pedro Sula can find the perfect accommodation at this hotel that will best fit their lodging needs and budget. As the hotel includes a restaurant, guests can have their favorite dishes at an affordable price.

The Guamilito market

The Guamilito market is the most frequently visited tourist spot by those booking a flight to San Pedro Sula for an enjoyable tour. It is the liveliest market in the city where tourists will come across all the Honduran mementos. As the spot is the most preferred flower market, as well, for local people, visitors can find various flowers developed in Honduras. Cigarette smokers can buy high-quality Honduran cigarettes at the nearby tobacco shop.

The Museum of Anthropology

People who want to know the history of the city can take a ticket to Pedro Sula and visit the Museum of Anthropology. The museum displays an array of exhibits that range from the pre-Colombian period to present period. The museum will be opened to the public from morning 9:00 to evening 4:00 from Monday to Saturday, except Tuesdays, and from morning 9:00 to evening 3:00 on Sundays. While the local people have to pay Lps. 25.00 per individual, international tourists have to pay $3 as entrance fees.

Angeli Gardens

Angeli Gardens is a tropical plant garden center in the city. Tourists who want to have a leisure walk can book a flight from San Pedro Sula and visit the garden. The tracks in the garden not only offer a relaxed walk to the guests, but they also lead them to the Merendon Mountains. Visitors who would like to have some adventure, they can walk through a suspension bridge.

The Mi Pequeño Sula Children’s Museum

Vacationers can book a flight from San Pedro Sula and can visit this kids' museum with their children. Kids will be amazed to witness an immense planetarium display. They can also enjoy seeing full-size models of numerous dinosaurs at a Jurassic Adventure. The display of the cave in the museum is a model of the Taulabe Caves. Tourists with their kids can visit the museum from morning 8:00 to evening 5:00 from Monday to Friday and from morning 9:00 to evening 4:00 on Saturdays. Adults have to pay the entrance fee of Lps. 45 and for kids it is Lps. 25.

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