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Salzburg, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one among the most celebrated cities not only in Austria but also in Europe. The city is an abode to the best-conserved old city center, which is packed with the gorgeous baroque structural design. Besides the birthplace of Mozart, the renowned Austrian classical composer, Salzburg is a home to many fun attractions and historical sites. Tourists have a lot more things to do in the city, ranging from visiting an extensive variety of Gardens and Museums to Mountains and Churches.

  • Hohensalzburg Fortress

  • Hellbrunn Palace

  • Salzburg Museum

  • Neugebäude

  • Toy Museum

  • Winkler Terrace

  • Enjoy the interior luxuriousness of the Hohensalzburg Fortress

  • Heed the music of the automatic bells at Neugebäude

  • Enjoy panorama paintings at the Salzburg Museum

  • Enjoy the aerial view of Salzburg from the Winkler Terrace

  • Enjoy the interior luxuriousness of the Hohensalzburg Fortress

  • Have a different entertainment at the Toy Museum

July is the warmest month in Salzburg with a standard temperature of 19 degrees Celsius and January is the coldest month with -1 degree Celsius. June is the dampest month in the city with the average rainfall of 160 millimeters. The best time to pay an airfare for Salzburg Austria is between early September and late October.

Top Experience in Salzburg Austria

Hohensalzburg Fortress

The Hohensalzburg Fortress, which was originally constructed in 1077, was opened for the public view only during the middle part of the twentieth century. The fortress was used as an army camp, a prison, and as a military stranglehold for centuries. Nowadays, the fortress includes a torture compartment, three small museums, and numerous courtyards.Visitors can enjoy witnessing the ancient gothic-fashion rooms, having elaborated wood paneling, intricate doorframes and complex roof vaults.

Hellbrunn Palace

The main highlight of the seventeenth century Hellbrunn Palace is its simple exterior. It conceals festooned rooms, halls, and ballrooms elegantly. In the palace, tourists can preview the life history of archbishops, the earlier spiritual and political emperors of Salzburg who constructed its citadels. Visitors will be amazed to see the flawless maintenance of the palace. The Hellbrunn Palace is the only imperial estate in the world that will spray visitors with water if they are not looking.

Salzburg Museum

Tourists who want to witness an extensive variety of artistic and archaeological treasures, they can book a flight from Salzburg Austria and visit the Salzburg Museum. They can see a variety of treasures, ranging from the seventeenth-century automatic bells to spiritual recovery paintings and relics from the early Roman origins of Salzburg. The most extraordinary display includes numerous 360-degree view paintings.


Neugebäude, which means the New Residence, is a stunning construction with Stuccos-decorated halls dated back to the sixteenth century. Although the building includes the Salzburg Museum, both national, as well as international tourists visit the place because of the musical bells. There are 35 musical bells that are arranged in a beautiful way attract most tourists. These remarkable melodic bells play at preset intervals during the daytime and perform handsome renditions of Classical music, such as the Tochter Zion by Handel and the Menuett by Mozart.

Toy Museum

Toy Museum is the best place for both adults and kids alike. This fantastical museum, which is situated very close to the Mirabell Palace, offers hours of wonder and fun to its visitors through its for museum section and hands-on section. In the museum section, tourists can enjoy witnessing historical exhibits of old games and toys and the hands-on section includes diverse activities such as a mini race course, a marble run, and a simulation shop. Tourists can be assured to explore something different and amusing at all times in this brilliant museum.

Winkler Terrace

Tourists who are touring Salzburg Austria should never forget to make a trip to Winkler Terrace, which is positioning on the top of Monk’s Hill. A swift cliff-side winch ride rapidly gets visitors up to the terrace, from where visitors can have a brilliant aerial view of the old town of Salzburg. While tourists work their way along the fortifications of the wall, they can enjoy witnessing other defenses, such as the aged Mülleggertor city gate, which was constructed in 1280.

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