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Rome is very well known due to its layers of history that is shown to the visitors. This city is blessed with many worship places, fountains, and many monuments. There are two sides to this city one is the ancient site which contains all the ancient monuments and worships Princess and the other one is a fully developed city which contains all the things that are necessary in today's world. Your airfare to Rome will be very well utilized by seeing the beauty this city. There are so many places in this city that you can visit if you buy your ticket to Rome and won't want to get on the flight from Rome back to your home.

  • The Colosseum

  • Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius

  • Trevi Fountain

  • A visit to Freedom monument

  • Skip the line-Vatican museum

  • The Borghese Gallery

The sightseeing Tours offered in Rome is one of the things that you should definitely experience. It shows all the monuments and the popular places in Rome from outside and this will not let you skip any of the places while you are in Rome. A ticket to Rome is also going to provide you with a variety of food that is offered to the visitors, for which the city is very famous. So, you must definitely try the different type of food that is available there. Mini experience such as try how to be a Gladiator is a very fun and interesting task that you can do while you are on the visit to Rome. You will be dressed as a Gladiator and all the rules and regulations that you have to follow will be taught to you. Now they were all the things that you should do when you visit Rome.

The best time to visit Rome is from October to May because at this time, most of the tourist crowd is disappeared. The Room rates also decrease as the crowd decreases. But you will need some woolen clothes because the temperature is very low and it is freezing at this time. If you want a warm weather then you may visit during May because at this time the tourist crowd is less. This will make it easy for you to visit various places that you want to visit as they will be less crowded and the Hotel Room rates would also have decreased. So, enjoy traveling in Rome as it is application please which contains many monuments and ancient artifacts that will the very interesting for you to watch.

Top Experience in Rome

The Colosseum

This Stadium was built by Flavian Emperors. The Colosseum was used for a bullfight, Chariot Race, Gladiator fight and many other events. At that time Rome had a strict class system due to which the people have to set according to their social status. This stadium looks after the earthquake and due to this many of the pieces of the building fall apart. It was again built and till now it is standing as the largest monument. So, if you are visiting Rome then this is the first place that you would like to visit.

Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius

This place is a little bit towards the south of Rome. The air condition bus and all the facilities are very comforting and will make your journey very easy.This mountain also contains the Europe active volcano which is very famous and many visitors visit this place. While traveling towards the Uphill of the volcano you can see the marks made by the flowing lava on the ground. This place is unavailable for visitors from 20th November to 31st March. So, the visitors should buy their ticket to Rome accordingly.

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi fountain is the largest fountain in the world and has been shown in many of the Hollywood movies. It is believed that if you throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish it will come true. Approximately 18000 cubic water flows from this fountain. Statues dance at the center and at the highest of the fountain which increases the beauty of the fountain. This fountain is the most romantic fountain in Rome and the money that is thrown into the fountain by people is used to renovate it.

A visit to Freedom monument

This monument is located in the center of Riga and stands within a large Plaza. It was built in the honor of all the soldiers who were killed during the Independence war of Latvia in 1918 to 1920. Today it is also a center point for gatherings and ceremonies in the City. It has the National Opera house, a flower garden and parks nearby.

Skip the line-Vatican museum

This Museum contains a special entry to the various reserved entrance way.This Museum contains Mini beautiful room such as Galaxy of tapestries and Galaxy of maps and the never-ending corridors. If you are traveling to the Rome then this is one of the places that you should visit to know about the history of Rome and the ancient art.

The Borghese Gallery

The Borghese Gallery is one of Rome’s finest art galleries and anyone looking for cultural places to visit in Rome should make this a priority. Set in the heart of Rome’s most loved parks and beautiful buildings, the Villa Borghese, the Gallery is the oldest private collection of art.

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