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Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. It is a huge City as it is the largest in the country and the 14th, largest in the European Union. The city is very famous for its cultural attraction as it has more than 10 major museums, numerous theatres, galleries, Cinemas and other historical exhibition, many of which survived the violence and destruction of the 20th century.This city is also nicknamed as “The city of a hundred spires”. From its colourful baroque buildings to the Gothic churches the city is beautifully constructed. Therefore, if you ever visit the city it would be hard for you to take your flight from Prague back to your home.

  • A visit to Prague Castle

  • Prague zoo: explore before taking flight from Prague

  • The national gallery in Prague

  • The old town square and the astronomical clock: real worth of flight to Prague

  • A visit to the Clementinum and the National Library

Prague is filled with Bars, Cafe, lounges, Jazz bar, pubs, dance clubs, casinos, etc and all these can make your Nights memorable in the City. So, make sure you did not forget to explore the nightlife of Prague. Prague possesses many famous dishes to ripple your taste buds, and tasty treats from all around the world are something that this city has more than any other place on this planet. In conclusion, you can treat this place as a centre for all famous eateries from across the globe. The city is popular for its cultural attractions. The streets of Prague are filled with sculptures and art installation and they are a treat to eyes for sure. Prague’s old town is one of the most spectacular squares in Europe.

The best time to visit Prague is the springs and early fall because at this time weather is mild and the city’s winter are generally Chilly and summers are quite hot. We hope we have provided you sufficient information about the city and now it's time to Pack your bags and take your flight to Prague.

Top Experience in Porto

A visit to Prague Castle

This castle was once the home of Bohemia Kings and today is the official residence of which Czech Republic president. It was originally built as a Fortress. This is a most visited tourist attraction because of its leading architectural styles which has changed over the years. If you are unaware of the local language then there are English language guides available for tourists.

Prague zoo: explore before taking flight from Prague

This was opened in 1931 and is not only one of the top attractions in the city but also ranks among the world's top 10 zoological parks. This 143-acre place is mainly an attraction for those traveling with kids. It has more than 4800 animals representing near 700 species. It also includes a ride to chairlift with great reviews of many of the animal enclosures.

The national gallery in Prague: must visit before taking flight from Prague

The national gallery in Prague is one of the most important architectural Landmarks of the city. It contains some of most important of Europe collections and there is a strong emphasis on artists such as Monet and Picasso because they were from the Czech Republic. There are many other art forms such as photography fashion applied science and sculpture.

The old town square and the astronomical clock: real worth of flight to Prague

This is one of the places where you can start exploring the city. At this place, you will find a Church and the clementine along with numerous old churches as well as old architecture dating back to the ancient time of 11th century. Every hour the clock springs to life as the 12 apostles and the other figures appear and parade in the procession across the clock face.

A visit to the Clementinum and the National Library

This is one of the largest collections of historic buildings in Europe and includes the National Library of the Czech Republic. The beautiful buildings here were once a part of a Jesuit college and later became the house of book collections from Karolinum and Jesuit. It has more than 6 million books including the Clementinum collection.

Charles Bridge: to make best your airfare for Prague

This is one of the oldest bridges in Europe, it was built in 1357. The bridge is famous for its many old statues. This is a historical place in the city of Prague and takes you to that ancient era.

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