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Flights to Palma De Mallorca

Frequently called Palma de Mallorca, Palma is the capital and biggest city of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands in Spain. Located on the south coast of Majorca, the city with the municipality receives almost 22 million passengers in a year. As the city had successive regimes in the last centuries, various dynasties left their impressions by constructing imposing monuments with remarkable architecture. The conquests and successive rules by different dynasties have resulted in a glorious heritage that baffles visitors from every part of the world. When the visitors to the ancient city get to know about its pristine beauty and imposing monuments, they take the first flight to Palma without a second thought.

  • Palma Cathedral

  • Cala Major

  • Palma Jump

  • Museu Krekovic

  • Cala Comtesa beach

  • Jardines de Marivent

  • View the unique natural spot at Jardines de Marivent

  • Enjoy unlimited fun and adventure at Jungle Parc junior

  • Explore the Museu Krekovic

  • Horse Riding at Rancho Grande in Majorca

  • View the imposing monument at Ca’n Oms

  • Visit the Caves of Hams

Spring is the best season for a trip to Palma, from March to May. As the weather is warm during the daytime and cool during the night hours, it is enjoyable to visit the city during these three months. A maximum number of visitors from all over the world during these months. From June to September, summer lasts, giving plenty of sunshine to the visitors for their movement. Although it rains occasionally, it provides the tourists respite from the scorching heat. The weather steadily improves during spring as temperature improves in April and May. Visitors looking for outdoor activities arrive in large numbers as it is the ideal time for different sports. With the decreasing rainfall, spring is the perfect period for tourists from all over the world.

Top Experience in Palma

Palma Cathedral

Constructed by the Crown of Aragon at the spot of a Moorish-ear mosque, the 121-meter-long cathedral is amazingly imposing with its 55-meter width. With the tremendous Gothic style in design, its nave is 44 meters high—visitors from all over the world delight in visiting the unique architecture in the construction.

Museu Krekovic

With its exhaustive collections, the museum is often the hunting ground of people who travel to Palma from other corners of the world to view its priceless heritage. The collection of items in contemporary art and craft is the delight of explorers, who arrive from the rest of the world to view the items that truly represent the cultural ethos of the place.

Palma Jump

The Ninja Park in Palma Jump is a famous destination for entertaining visitors worldwide. The park offers great exotic items that keep visitors engrossed for a long time. The place is fabulous, with adventurous games, and offers unique things to entertain people worldwide.

Cala Comtesa beach

On the western part of the Bay of Palma, the visitors find the tiny bay of Cala Comtesa. Atop the fine sand, the sights of magnificent cottages hold them spellbound in the natural scenery. The visitors invariably take to snorkeling as the tranquility of the place gives them the scope to interact with nature. They could also enjoy roaming on the banana boat or peddle boat or keep doing water skiing.

Jungle Parc junior

Hordes of tourists arrive every day to delight in this exclusive natural site, which has unique, entertaining activities like tree adventure, fun and frolics in a jungle atmosphere, and unique sports activities. The entertaining activities in the forested areas create an exotic setting for enjoyment and merry-making. Ultimately, they realize that they have returned real airfare value for Palma.

Jardines de Marivent

Spread over 9155 square meters, the natural paradise has forever stayed the hunting ground for nature lovers. As a part of the Palace of Palma, the gardens could offer one and all the most charming natural atmospheres with beautiful flora and fauna. The well-maintained greenery is a treat to every nature lover's eyes.

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