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As the capital city of Norway, Oslo is one of the most magnificent travel destinations in the world. Being a nation and a municipality, the city is the economic and administrative center of Norway. As a city of immense historical significance, the city was founded in 1070 and gradually evolved as a major banking, trading, industrial, and shipping hub. The city has also stayed important as a maritime centre. On the world map of tourism, Oslo has acquired tremendous significance with its parks, natural spots, and monuments. Hordes of tourists arrive every year to view the natural spots and other travel destinations.

  • Fram Museum

  • Nobel peace center

  • Oslo Cathedral

  • Oscarhall

  • Jewish museum in Oslo

  • Akershus Fortress

  • Explore the Fram Museum

  • Visit Oslo Cathedral

  • View the excellent non- Gothic architecture of the monument Oscarhall

  • View the large collection of photos and artifacts in Jewish museum

  • Enjoy the performance of dramatic arts in National Theatre

As the winter is bitingly cold, the tourists usually stay off visiting this place. But the period from May to August is the warmest and therefore, the months are the best time to visit Oslo. As the famous midnight sun takes place in June or July, these two months are the most crowded time in the year.

Find cheap flights to Oslo Norway

Storting building

As the parliament of Norway, Storting building draws highest turnout of people from every corner of world. With unique style of construction, the building is built in yellow brick as the basement appears fabulous with its structure made in light gray granite.


Oscarhall summer palace is one of the most ancient monuments of Oslo that was constructed in the year 1852. Visitors from all over the world flock to view the excellent non- Gothic architecture of the monument as the surrounding parks look superb with their excellent structure.

Jewish museum in Oslo

The Jewish museum has unique place in the history of Oslo as it treasures the important heritage of Jewish community in Norway. The visitors could view the large collection of photos and artifacts and the archive has preserved the 150 years history of the Jewish community.

Akershus Fortress

Once upon a time, the medieval castle was erected for the protection of Oslo city. Built around 1290, the fortress has successfully repulsed all the enemy attacks in the past. For this reason, hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive every day to view its superior structure and defense mechanisms integrated inside it.

National gallery

Literally speaking, the gallery is the place that treasures almost A-Z in items of art and design. At times, visitors take more than a day time to see through the innumerable artifacts that fasten their areas of interest. As the items are viewers delight, the gallery is almost a hunting ground of people from various walks of life.

National theatre

Tourists from all over the world invariably step into the national theatre to view the performance of dramatic arts. The more than a century old theatre has gone through its golden age by winning critical acclaim for different shows in it. Particularly, the plays of Ibsen get maximum visitors from all over the world.

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