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Flights to Montego Bay This is one of the most developed cities of this region and you will find thousands of tourists on a regular basis. It is also a hub for duty free shopping and many people enjoy their vacation in this city. You can find various attractions and the region is well known for its tourist friendly nature. The overall weather conditions are also favorable for most part of the year and you will not have any problems even during the winter season. You can even choose flight to Montego Bay as the city is well connected through the airways. .

  • Panama Canal

  • Avenida Balboa

  • Lentos Art Museum

  • Plaza Bolivar

  • Paseo de Las Bovedas

  • Visit Panama Canal

  • Visit Paseo de Las Bovedas

  • Enjoy at Plaza Bolivar

  • Visit Avenida Balboa

The best time to visit Panama City is from the month of May to October. The place experience Sunshine throughout the years. During the late spring and summer season, you can experience the warmest air and temperature in Panama City. This time is the best to visit the Panama City as at this time the fare of Resorts is lowest and the crowd is minimal as well so you can experience all the places properly.

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Panama Canal

Panama Canal is one of the best attraction point present in the City. It is also known as one of the wonders of the world. The Panama Canal started operating in 1914 and is a five Mile waterway which helps in transporting the steps by raising them above the sea level.

Avenida Balboa

People can reach the Avenida Balboa by moving through the amazing Skyline of Panama City. There are many vendors in your way who will be trying to send your hats and other popular things to Panama City. In the month of February, a 4 days carnival is held here.

Plaza Bolivar

This is also one of the popular tourist attractions in the Panama City. The place contains many nice cafes and bars where you can enjoy drinks and cold beer on a hot sunny day. The place is decorated with a statue of Bolivar on a horse in the center of the square.

Paseo de Las Bovedas

This place is very suitable for the people who want to relax in the late afternoon. The place is filled with small craft stores which will help you in purchasing various things. By visiting this place, you can enjoy the cold Breeze that moves in the area in the late afternoon.

Centennial Bridge, Panama

Panama's Centennial Bridge is a major bridge crossing the Panama Canal. It was built to supplement the overcrowded Bridge of the Americas and to replace it as the carrier of the Pan-American Highway. Upon its opening in 2004, it became the second permanent crossing of the canal.

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