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Minsk is not only functioning as the capital city of the Belarus country, but it also emerges as a contemporary city through its mammoth Stalinist structural design. People visiting the city have many things to explore in its cosmic Independence Square, as it is lined with theaters, museums, and other cultural appeals. The city is an ideal tourist destination for adults and kids alike, as they can involve in many interesting activities in the city.


  • Gorky Park

  • Komarovka

  • Opera and Ballet Theatre

  • The Red Church

  • Nezavisimosti Avenue

  • The National Library

 Minsk Belarus

  • Have a fine time by buying their favorite foods in Komarovka

  • Visit the Gorky Park to see its scenic beauty

  • Be present at a recital in the Opera and Ballet Theatre

  • Have a relaxed stroll around the Nezavisimosti Avenue

  • Make your Minsk tour an interesting and informative one by visiting museums in the city

  • Bookworms can have a nice time at the National Library of Belarus

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The best time to visit Minsk is from May to September.

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Gorky Park

Tourists visiting the Minsk City during the summer or spring can visit the Gorky Park. There, they can have a ride on the Ferris wheel to enjoy witnessing the aerial view of the city. Gorky Park happens to be the most sought-after observation spot amid both local, as well as international tourists. They can also enjoy the scenic beauty of the park.


Komarovka is one of the leading food markets in the Minsk city. Tourists can book a flight from Minsk and can spend some of their shopping time interestingly in the market. The market acts as another famous landmark of the Minsk City, Here, tourists can buy all of their food supplies, ranging from fresh dairy products to meat to vegetables, fruits, and much more. As all the sellers in the market are courteous and friendly, tourists can buy their food products of the highest quality at a much affordable price through an efficient bargaining.

Opera and Ballet Theatre

Booking a flight to Minsk and buying a ticket to enter the Opera and Ballet Theatre will allow tourists to enjoy the interesting performance conducted in the theater. After spending some hours in the theater, they can travel around the building and enjoy witnessing the beautiful sculptures in the adjacent garden. They can then immerse themselves in the tranquil atmosphere of the renowned Osmolovka, which is situated at the back of the theater.

The Red Church

The Red Church is an iconic building of the Minsk City, which is also referred to as the Sts. Simon and Helena Cathedral. The church was named after the two young kids called Helena Wojnilowicz and Simon, who were dead prematurely. Tourists visiting the church will be amazed to see the artistically constructed red brick walls that make the church look more attractive. This is a neo-Gothic cathedral and currently, it is considered a vital hub for organizing cultural, spiritual, and social life events in Minsk.

Nezavisimosti Avenue

Walking around the Nezavisimosti Avenue will allow tourists to enjoy the architectural beauty of the buildings in the square, which were reconstructed after the disaster of the World War II. Tourists will be amazed to see the structural design of the building, which was rebuilt in the impressive Stalin’s kingdom style. This means that all such buildings have wide avenues that are lined with elaborate regal splendor. Walking from the Red Church to the Victory Square will allow enjoying the structural design of the Government House, KGB Headquarters, City Council, the GUM department store, Post Office, House of Officers, Palace of the Republic, the Residence of the President, etc.

The National Library

The National Library of Belarus is a 23-storey building, which is an icon of the valuable knowledge, was opened to the public in 2006. Those who are interested in reading books can pay an airfare for Minsk and can enrich their knowledge through a variety of books in the library. The specialty of the library is that it has a huge collection of rare books. Moreover, visitors of the library can enjoy the aerial beauty of the city from the viewing platform the building.

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