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Flights to Lulea

Lulea, which is a beautiful city located on the seashore of the northern part of Sweden, is the capital City of Norrbotten County. The harbor in the city is the seventh biggest dock in Sweden. Additionally, people visiting the city by booking a flight to Lulea have many exciting things to do. From intellectual attractions to historical places, tourists can explore the comprehensive list of all other city attractions.Find the best airfare deal on Airohub. Call our travel expert for great Flights and hotel rooms.

  • Lulea Cathedral

  • Kulturens Huns

  • Nederluleå Church

  • Altappen

  • Norrbottens Museum

  • Lulea Archipelago

  • Pay an airfare for Lulea to enjoy the archipelago and waters in Lulea

  • Experience an exciting canoeing and kayaking in the city

  • Have an adventurous Jet skiing in the city

  • Visit Kulturens Hus, the main shopping area in the city

  • Explore the art treasures of the city at Art & Ram

  • Winter sports enthusiasts can have a nice time by booking a flight to Lulea

Getting information about the weather of the city before paying an airfare for Lulea will allow tourists to have an enjoyable time in the city. While July is the warmest month of the city, February is the coldest month. June is both the windiest as well as the wettest month of Lulea, with the annual rainfall of 722.9 millimeters. The best time to visit Lulea is from June to August, as the climate in the city will be extremely enjoyable with mild snow and rain.

Top Experience in Lulea

Lulea Cathedral

Lulea Cathedral is a neo-Gothic style church that was constructed by making use of the cinders of the ferocious 1887 fire that devastated huge parts of the city. People can take a ticket to Lulea and can witness the new church, which is considered one among the gorgeous structures of the city. The whole building is constructed from bricks and topped by a steeple of height 60 meters, which dwarfs the adjoining buildings.

Kulturens Hus

People who would like to have an amazing shopping experience can visit Kulturens Hus, the major shopping area in the city. It is a bonfire of entertainment as well as fun for locals and visitors alike. Kulturens Hus is a large, contemporary construction that includes two concert venues, the city library, as well as a trendy water view restaurant. Visitors can also spend their time joyfully in visiting the excellent art gallery.

Nederluleå Church

Nederluleå Church is the oldest cathedral in Gammelstads Kyrkstad, which was built in 1492. This big stone cathedral is the frequently visited church.The main highlight of the cathedral is its elaborate interior and its solid bell tower. Going inside the cathedral, visitors can see a timber altar display, engraved to illustrate pictures from the Passion of Christ. Visiting the church will offer the real value of the airfare for Lulea.

Norrbottens Museum

People taking a ticket to Lulea and visiting the Norrbottens Museum can get a synopsis of the city's rich culture and history. Every year, the museum hosts a variety of temporary shows focusing on handicrafts. Visitors can see a small cinema theater that screens movies on the history and culture of the city as well as some entertaining movies in Sami, Swedish, and English languages with subtitles.

Lulea Archipelago

People taking a ticket to Lulea and visiting the calm and well-maintained archipelago can jump from seashore to seashore and can stroll across islands with their kids. Here, they can doze off and wake, to the hum of seabirds, winds, and waves. They can have brilliant, peaceful nights or they can involve in daytime adventures. Visitors can experience the archipelago in Lulea in their own selected way.


Altappen and Likskär are two islands in the northwest of the Swedish sector of the Bay of Bothnia, in the Luleå archipelago, which have joined due to post-glacial rebound to become a single island.Altappen lies to the southeast of the city of Luleå, about 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) from the mainland fishing village of Lövskär. In the winter it can be reached via an ice road. Altappen was once the location of a large sawmill.

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