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Cheap flights to Liuzhou, Plane tickets to Liuzhou

Cheap Flights to Liuzhou

Liuzhou is a county-grade city, which is packed with many worth seeing places and lots of indoor and outdoor activities to involve, ranging from historical sites to cultural attractions. Tourists can explore the comprehensive list of all local sightseeing attractions in the city, ranging from cultural attractions to historical sites. They can find out new scenic spots, museums, as well as parks to make their tour a memorable one.

  • Liuhou Park

  • Yufeng Mountain

  • Panlongshan Park

  • Queshan Park

  • Jianpan Mountain Park

  • Qishi City Park

  • The Liuzhou Museum

  • Explore the city's beautiful Panlongshan Park

  • Know the culture of Chinese minorities at the Liuzhou Museum

  • Offer a nice time to your kids at the Queshan Park

  • Witness the beauty of a small park on the Yufeng Mountain

  • Enjoy the aerial view of the Liuzhou city from the Ma'anshan Park

  • Visit the city's East Gate Tower

  • Jiangbin Park-an immense site with the Liuzhou River

Tourists are advised to know the type of the weather of the city before taking a ticket to Liuzhou to make their tour a fruitful one. The Liuzhou features a temperate and warm type of weather. The city will have a huge deal of precipitation even during the driest month. July is the hottest month in the city and January is the coldest month. The city experiences the maximum amount of rainfall during the month of May with the average rain of 230 mm. The best months to visit the Liuzhou city include March, May, August, and October.

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Liuhou Park

The Liuzhou Park, which is situated in the heart of the city, is the most sought-after relaxing place for adults and an entertainment spot for kids. Tourists and kids can enjoy witnessing lots of charming landscaping, which are ideal for taking beautiful photographs. Visitors, who are natural enthusiasts, can have a relaxed walk along the paths, watching the gorgeous landscape everywhere in the park.

Yufeng Mountain

The Yufeng Mountain is a small yet worth-seeing hill in the Liuzhou city with a beautiful park. Booking a flight to Liuzhou and visiting the park during Sundays will offer tourists a real perception of local people and their activities. They all will assemble and mingle casually, playing a variety of games, and doing street recitals by the aged. It is one among the most admired parks in the city.

Queshan Park

Tourists staying in the city can book a flight from Liuzhou can offer an enjoyable time to their kids. It is considered one of the best parks in the city as it is filled with many amusements for kids.The park is also considered the UNESCO World Heritage site, as it includes Que Shan, which is popularly referred to as the Bird Mountain by locals, and a beautiful palm orchard in the forefront.

Qishi City Park

Tourists paying an airfare for Liuzhou and visiting the Qishi City Park will appreciate the present as well as the ancient history of the city. Visitors can enjoy witnessing different shapes and sizes of artistically carved polished rocks in the park. The park functions as a local stone market of the city.Tourists can have fun there to observe countless stones with an odd shape, imitate animals, or some other objects.

The Liuzhou Museum

The Liuzhou Museum is a big three-storey museum in the city. Tourists can enjoy witnessing the exhibits of Paleontology, Liuzhou minority customs, Liuzhou historical culture, very old bronze arts and antique fan painting and calligraphy, etc. The first floor of the museum includes a small art gallery, where visitors can see temporary displays. The museum also includes a well-maintained souvenir store.

Panlongshan Park

Sightseers visiting the Panlongshan Park can enjoy witnessing the wonderful landscapes as well as a range of indigenous flowers. The park includes a pathway, where visitors can have a relaxed walk and they can refresh at a snack and drink stall on the way. The park is also an immense place for taking photographs. Fun seekers can have a nice time in the park, as they can involve in some hiking activities, as well.