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Flights to Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is one of the busiest and the most populous city in the state of Nevada. It is the commercial hub of southern Nevada & famous for gambling, shopping, and its nightlife. Las Vegas major attractions are its casino and gaming. It is a city we want to visit.

  • Atomic Testing Museum

  • Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

  • Las vegas Mini Gran Prix

  • Ethel's Chocolate Lounge & Cactus Garden

  • Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

  • Freemont Street Experience

  • Bonnie Springs Ranch

  • Visit Game Works

  • Explore Atomic Testing Museum

  • Enjoy rides at Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix

  • Visit Bonnie Springs Ranch

  • Enjoy chocolates at Ethel's Chocolate Lounge & Cactus Garden

  • Explore Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

During summer, the temperature of Las Vegas is very high, and consequently, the weather is hot leading to a reduced number of travelers. Due to the heat, inhabitants experience a very fast rate of dehydration and it is best to stay indoors. Arising from the weather condition, there are usually low prices of bookings. June, July, and August are its characteristics month. The pools of Las Vegas will be filled up. During winter months of December - January when there are celebrations, it is advisable to visit Las Vegas a week before the Christmas holiday or a week after the new year celebration. It is worthy to note that during conventions, the prices of rooms are very high and are mostly filled up. So, plan your trip very well.

Top Experience in Las Vegas

Atomic Testing Museum

Atomic Testing Museum located at Flamingo Road, Nevada. It is a branch of the Smithsonian Institution as included in a bill signed by the president. It was opened in 2005 as "Atomic Testing Museum" and has since become a center containing artifacts from different location. It is a sight to behold.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens is another important attraction in Las Vegas. There are nice and lovely decorations with different varieties of flowers and colors. Those in charge of this marvelous garden must be aesthetically wired. The most important thing is that the decoration changes as per the season.

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix is also an excellent place to visit and it particularly gives some bonding time to family with kids. It is a family environment, and it features rides for the family, arcade games, and foods. It is a lovely place, and they are open all year round.

Ethel's Chocolate Lounge & Cactus Garden

Ethel's Chocolate Lounge & Cactus Garden is a fantastic place to visit and located in Henderson, Nevada. The cactus garden is one of the largest in south western United States, and it is decorated with several lights featuring some cacti and exotic plants.

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art displays collections of different works of arts of famous artists such as Monet, Warhol, Picasso and Yousuf Karsh. The gallery changes their Exhibits regularly. You will never forget your experience at Bellagio Gallery

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street Experience is located in downtown, Nevada is the beautiful mall occupying the westernmost part of Fremont Street. It features displays of millions of light and sound. It hosts free concerts and events throughout the year.

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