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Cheap Flights to Kunming

The travelling can be considered as one of the best hobbies and recreation activity that gives relaxation to both body and mind. There can be various destinations that people might prefer to visit during holidays and vacations. Every year many people visit to this city as it features some amazing major tourist attractions. Once you reach at this awesome place and visit these beautiful attractions it would be very hard for you to take your back flight from Kunming. This beautiful place will hold you back and you will feel like spending few more days at this amazing place. The awesome aura and environment makes people fall in love with the climate and place.

  • Dianchi Lake

  • Black Dragaon Pool Park

  • Guandu Ancient Town

  • Stone Forest

  • Yuantong Temple

  • Jiuxiang Scenic Region

  • Enjoy lakes and hills at Dianchi Lake

  • Explore the beauty of forest by taking tickets to Kunming

  • Visit Black Dragaon Pool Park

  • Visit the Guandu Ancient Town to get good worth of your airfare for Kunming

  • Visit Yuantong Temple

  • Explore Jiuxiang Scenic Region

The climate of the place is usually cold and people visiting during the summer should pack themselves with summer clothes. The best time to visit Kunming is March to October as the temperature gets suitable to travel and place also holds lot of cultural festivals that can be enjoyed by tourists. After going through this article and beautiful spots it is clear that the beautiful place of Kunming is so tempting that it won’t let you leave back from this place. You will feel like staying all your life at this place. So we recommend you to plan your trip and book flights to Kunming very soon.

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Dianchi Lake

Dianchi Lake in Kunming is the freshwater lake where you can go and explore the beauty of the lakes and hills along with the cradle culture of Yunnan. Moreover if you wish to take a look of this beautiful lake then Dragon Gate is the best place. Along with the Dianchi Lake there are many other attractions such as Western Hill Forest Park, Buddha Mountain and Grand View Tower. These locations are considered as top tourist destinations in Kunming.

Black Dragaon Pool Park

It is a major tourist attraction and it is named as a Black Dragaon Pool Park because it is said that the Black Dragaon was being living in a pool according to the traces in the history of dragon age.This beautiful park also features a pool. This pool contains the element of surprise as tourist visiting this place will get surprised to see that a stone bridge is dividing the pool into two parts.This is something tourist must visit and they should experience this beautiful natural phenomenon.

Guandu Ancient Town

It is one of the historical and ancient towns in Kunming. Along with this Ancient Ferry, fish lantern, seven pavilions, eight shrines, six temples, eight sceneries are also the major attraction.If you are going to visit this Guandu Ancient town then don’t miss to visit these five famous mountains such as Lupfeng Mountain, Yuntai Mountain and Zhuangjia Mountain. These mountains are ready to thrill the tourists with some perfect and amazing natural view of the mountain range.

Stone Forest

It is a beautiful view to see the long size rocks looking like a petrified tree and creating an illusion of a forest made up of stones. This Stone Forest covers an area about 350 square kilometers which is divided into seven beautiful areas.Every year the Torch festival is celebrated on the 24th day of the Sixth lunar month and the Yi people celebrate it with full enthusiasm.

Yuantong Temple

Yuantong Temple is the most famous Buddhist temple in Kunming, Yunnan, China. It is located in a protected natural depression and in recent years it has been expanded with funding from Thailand. In the 1950s, it hosted a grand ceremony to greet and send on the sacred teeth of the Buddha and so became important in Southeast Asia.

Jiuxiang Scenic Region

Jiuxiang Scenic Region is located in Jiuxiang Yi and Hui Autonomous Township of Yiliang County 90 km away from central Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. It is famous for its caves, mountains, rivers, deep valleys, minority customs and cultures.Jiuxiang Scenic Region consists of 5 major scenic spots such as Diehong Bridge, Sanjiao Cave, Dasha Dam, Alulong, Mingyue Lake.