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Flights to Krakow

Kraków is a self-governing city in Poland and manages to hold its independence even during the period when Poland was alienated. The city, which is the capital of Poland, has measured to be the benchmark of Polish civilization. It has an extensive variety of daylight activities, ranging from sightseeing to shopping. However, the Old World architecture, as well as the major historic attractions of this beautiful European city, offers the vacationers the real worth of their airfare for Krakow.

  • The Krakow Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum

  • St. Mary's Basilica

  • Krakow Polish Aviation Museum

  • Collegium Maius

  • Galicia Jewish Museum

  • Wawel Royal Castle

  • Enjoy the beauty of the Gothic architecture at Collegium Maius

  • Explore the powerful emblem of Poland identity

  • Take pleasure in visiting Galicia Jewish Museum

  • Visit the oldest church in the city, St. Mary's Basilica

  • Enjoy seeing the beautifully engraved statues at Wieliczka Salt Mine

  • Witness the biggest market square of the world

July is the warmest month in Krakow with a standard temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. It is also the dampest month with the average rainfall of 69 millimeters. January is the coldest month in the city with the temperature of 3 degrees Celsius. People can book a flight to Krakow to visit the city between March and May and from September to November, as the climate in the city will be extremely pleasant.

Top Experience in Krakow

The biggest market square of the world

People who want to explore the world's biggest market can pay an airfare for Krakow and visit the Main Market Square of the city. Popularly called as Rynek Glówny by the local people, it is the biggest medieval market square in the world. It is also the most frequently visited tourist destination in the city. The market square is, as well, the geographic hub of the Old Town, the emblematic center of the Krakow city.

St. Mary's Basilica

St. Mary's Basilica is the oldest cathedral in the Krakow city, which was built during the thirteenth century.Located on the eastern end of the Main Market Square, the cathedral has been built in a Gothic style with two different styles of towers with different heights. The main highlight of the church is its wooden altarpiece, which consists of a chain of boards that portray biblical pictures, like the ascension of Jesus Christ.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Vacationers can book a flight from Krakow to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine, which is situated in Wieliczka neighborhood at a distance of 9 miles from the heart of the Kraków city. It is acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage place and it is the major tourist attraction in the city. Although the site was a major salt manufacturing place, the production was stopped in 2007 and it was converted into a tourist place.

The Polish Aviation Museum

The Polish Aviation Museum is one of the oldest military aircraft landing strips of Europe.It is located at a distance of three miles from the city and extend across the Rakowice-Czyzny airport. Visitors can take pleasure in witnessing helicopters, airplanes, and other aviation-associated items in the museum. The museum also exhibits a huge collection of different aircraft engines. Tourists can visit the museum with the entrance fee of 15 Polish zloty.

Krakow Pinball Museum

Tourists who are greatly interested in playing Arcade game will have a nice worth of their airfare for Krakow by visiting the Krakow Pinball Museum. It is an interactive museum in the city and it is equipped with more than 60 pinball machines, Vacationers can play as much as 15 arcade games, such as Donkey Kong, Pacman, Galaga, etc. The museum also features a lounge area with a well-furnished bar offering customers more than 20 types of local beers and soft drinks.

The Collegium Maius

The Collegium Maius was constructed as a division of the Kraków Academy. Now functioning as Jagiellonian University, it is the oldest existing university structure in Poland. Moreover, the building portrays the best Gothic architecture of the fifteenth century in the Krakow city. It features a wonderful arcaded patio as well as a mesmerizing university album. However, visitors paying an airfare for Krakow can visit the building only with a guide.

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