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As the third most populous city in Turkey, Izmir is the famous metropolis in the western part of Anatolia. With a population of 3, 28,323, the city was familiar by its ancient name ‘Smyrna’. The name continued to function officially till 28 th March, 1930. On this day, the Turkish postal service decided to change it to Izmir. As the city is one of the oldest settlements in Mediterranean basin, the city has innumerable tourists’ attractions that literally make the visitors take the first flight to Izmir. They could share an interesting ride with the antiquities and modernity that make this place an interesting tourist spot on the world map.

  • Key museum

  • The imposing historical monument

  • Yamanlar

  • Konak square

  • Yali mosque

  • World peace memorial

  • Dedak

  • Turkish Villages & Local Life Tour

  • Ephesus & Terrace Houses Day Trip

  • Small-Group Half-Day Ancient Smyrna Tour

  • Ephesus & Archeology Museum Day Trip

  • Izmir & Sardis Jewish Heritage Tour

Summer in Izmir is extremely dry and hot. The winters are bitingly cold. For extremeness in heat and cold, tourists avoid visiting Izmir during these two seasons. But the period from June to August is extremely pleasant and good for the arrival of tourists.

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Key museum

The museum has the most amazing collection of parts, collected from different parts of world. The collectors have amassed it right from the year 2001. Spread on an imposing space of 7000 square meters, the incredible collection has 130 cars, 40 motor cycles, 300 mascots, 2550 model cars, and various types of scarves, and original equipments of gas stations right from the year 1900.

The imposing historical monument

As a historical monument, this building has great beauty that lingers on the memories of the guests even after they take flights from Izmir. Erected in the year 1907 by a rich Jewish banker, the building has unique structure that draws tourists from every corner of the world. Besides this, it has the elevator that serves to fetch people through coastline of Karatas to the sides of the mountains.


The beatific sight of mount Yamanlar gives the marvelous natural sight and visitors could reach it through a steep but extremely well-maintained thoroughfare. The visitors could also see the idyllic hamlet at the footsteps of the magnificent mountain.

Ya Ali mosque

As this mosque in the proximity of Konak square, despite its small size, the magnificent tile work and its wonderful octagonal shape throw their charms on one and all and draw people from across the world. The beautiful chandelier inside the mosque is amazing as it gives charming view with its lights.

World peace memorial

he general Nafiz gurman neighborhood has in its periphery the great world peace memorial that gives the wonderful bird’s eye view of the city of Izmir. As the guests reach its observation terrace, they could watch the magnificent sights of the city and take pleasure from it.

St. Mary Church

Located in the old Frankish neighborhood, the church has an important position right from 17 th century. Erected in the honor of Virgin Mary, the great church was again restored to its pristine shape in the year 1890. The visitors could take delight from its ornate interiors and antique age interior works.

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