Flights to Hohhot, Saving Up To 20% on Hohot Flight

A flight to Hohhot

Hohhot is a beautiful Mongolian City which is located in China. The name of the city means ‘blue city’ in English that is the color of sky which is considered as a symbol of purity and eternity in China.

The city is a hub of the industrial area and is located in Inner Mongolia and approximately 60% of the industrial sector of Inner Mongolia is located in Hohhot. Apart from its diverse culture, economy, education, and sports the city are filled with eye-catching sites which will force you to take your flight to Hohhot.

Places to visit in Hohhot

There are many sites in the city which can be a treat to your eyes. It is a very special City for Inner Mongolia not only because of its industrial benefits but because of its diversity in various things including its monuments and other historically famous sites. We are mentioning some of the famous places of the city which can give you an idea of how beautiful the city is in its own way.

1. Xilamuren Grassland: worth buying the ticket to Hohhot

This is one of the most famous historical places of Mongolia and is known for its special quality of remaining cold even during hottest summers. The name of the grassland i.e., Xilamuren means ‘yellow water’ and is approximately 90 km far from the city. The grassland has a monastery which was built in 1769 by the ruler of Qing dynasty. The place also has an accommodation facility of up to 2500 tourist.

2. Zhaojun Tomb: explore before taking flight from Hohhot

The Tomb was a leisure place for Princess Wang Zhaojun and thus the name of the Tomb is kept behind her name. The tomb is approximately 2000 years old and is also among the cultural heritage sites of China. The sunset and sunrise look majestically beautiful from the stone which gives it a reason to visit whenever you visit in the City.

3. Inner Mongolia Museum: the true price of airfare for Hohhot

This is the only museum of the city and that contains most of the precious art pieces of historical Mongolia which represents its culture and takes you back to the beginning of Buddhism. You can see the pictures of running horses on the top of the Museum which is considered a symbol of the continuous development of Mongolia as a whole. The Museum is constructed in a huge place with approximately covering 7000 square meters and that has adequate space to contain enough historical image of Mongolia.

4. Five Pagodas Temple: must visit before taking the flight to your home

No doubt Mongolia is filled with all those heritage sites which were created during the period of Qing dynasty and this temple is one of them. This temple is China's one of the most visited religious center and every year it sees a large number of visitors from all over the country. Some of the ruins of the temple are still under construction by the government and will soon be restored and will be allowed to be visited by the tourist.

5. A visit to Dazhao Temple

This is the first Temple built by the Lamaism people in the Hohhot and was constructed in the ancient period of the 1500s. The temple holds a religious importance among the Chinese people because it also has a silver Buddha figure of Shakyamuni. The temple is flooded with many Buddhist scriptures along with beautifully constructed infrastructure and magnificent interior. The beauty of the way in which the temple is being constructed reminds us of the Ancient beauty of religious places.

6. Great Mosque: utilize your Airfare for Hohhot

This is a typical Chinese mosque which was created in the Muslim style of architecture and also has a slight touch of Qing dynasty which is a holy place for all the Muslims and even for the people of China. The walls of this Mosque are filled with inscriptions written in Arabic which encourages people to follow Arab and also let the people know about the prestige of being a Muslim.

7. A visit to Mausoleum of Genghis Khan

One of the most famous names of the ruler in China or even in the world is Genghis Khan. The most famous Islamic ruler is given a tribute by the creation of this site. It has a huge Statue of this person and a map of Yuan dynasty in the back of the Statue. There are events at different times of the year in which many activities such as archery, wrestling, traditional horse race, etc are performed to remember Genghis Khan and give a tribute to all his deeds.

Things to do in Hohhot

Once you visit the city, it will surely be hard for you to take your flight from Hohhot to your home because of all the happening things which happen in the city all over the year.

Here are few things which you cannot afford to miss if you ever come to visit the city:

Learn the religious practices of ancient Muslims and Mongolians

Visit all the religious temples and mosques which will help you to learn the religious practices of ancient Muslims and Mongolians with all the inscriptions written about different time periods in the walls of those religious places.

A visit to various grasslands

Visit the various grasslands in the city in which there are several ancient historical ruins and even monumental sites which can give you an idea of historical Mongolia and the lifestyle of the kings and Queens who have ruled there and gave it a shape which it has today.

Do not forget to try Mongolian cuisine: a real worth of flight to Hohhot

Do not forget to try Mongolian cuisine. Chinese cuisine is world famous and is considered among worlds one of the tastiest dishes because of the kind of spices used in it. So if you are going to visit the city do not forget to try it there because nothing can beat the taste of a native flavor of a world-class cuisine.

Best time to visit the city

The best time to visit the city of Inner Mongolia is from October to November because the weather is quite pleasant at that time and you will face a lot of activities happening in this time of the year. But eventually it up on you that when you get the time to visit the city from your working schedule but make sure to visit this city at least once in a lifetime.

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