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The first thing that strikes your mind when you visit this city is the amount of progress it has made in the last few decades. Everyone knows that this was the first city in the history to be targeted by nuclear bomb. However, the city has developed by huge margin and it is now on par with many other international cities in the world.The main advantage you get with choosing this holiday destination is that it is very well connected with the other tourist hubs of Japan and you can easily take the flight to Hiroshima and begin your package tour. You can easily get the best quality accommodation in this city and you will be able to spend the vacation according to your convenience. The city even has some very good budget quality accommodation facilities and you can get to enjoy a comfortable holiday with your family.

  • Mazda Museum

  • Hiroshima Peace Museum

  • Koriyakushi Temple

  • Jinguji Temple

  • National Bihoku Hills Park

  • Itsukushima

  • Enjoy the local festivals of this place

  • Explore Hiroshima Peace Museum

  • Automobile lovers should visit Mazda Museum

  • Enjoy your time by visiting National Bihoku Hills Park

  • Sightseeing tours

  • Visit Itsukushima

The overall weather condition of this city is pleasant and you will not face any inconvenience for most part of the Year. However, if you do not like the hot weather conditions, you can choose the year end season as it will be very comfortable in this season. You can avoid the peak summer season in between the months of July and September if you are not comfortable with warm climate conditions. The airfare for Hiroshima is slightly expensive during the New Year season and you should make advance bookings if you want to get good discounts for your holidays.

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Mazda Museum

This is the best place for automobile lovers and you can get to see different models of this company. You can even get to see some of the old models that are not available in the market at this museum. However, you need to make reservations and book your tickets to visit the place as it will usually be crowded with lots of tourists.

Hiroshima Peace Museum

You will be stunned with the visuals you find at this location as it has some rare memorials of the atomic bombing that took place in this region. This place now serves as a memorial and attracts thousands of visitors from all parts of the world. You can even take pictures and carry some memories about this wonderful place.

Koriyakushi Temple

This temple is the major attractions for local tourists and you can see many of them during holiday season. You can enjoy your vacation by paying a visit to this wonderful temple that. It gives a glimpse into the rich culture of the region and you will be completely satisfied with the maintenance of the surrounding place.

Jinguji Temple

This temple looks like a garden at first appearance due to the presence of large number of plants in the area. You can get to see thousands of plants in the vicinity and you will love the serene atmosphere of this region. Make sure to take your camera to the temple so that you can click some wonderful pictures of some special varieties of plants.

National Bihoku Hills Park

This park has nearly 80 varieties of flowers and you will fall in love with the way they are grown in this park. It is one of the most popular national parks of Japan and you can enjoy your time by visiting this wonderful location with family and friends. You can capture the beauty of this amazing location in your camera and store them in your memories for a long time.


Itsukushima, also known as Miyajima, is a small island in Hiroshima Bay, western Japan. It is known for its forests and ancient temples. Just offshore, the giant, orange Great Torii Gate is partially submerged at high tide. It marks the entrance to the Itsukushima Shrine, which was first built in the 12th century.

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