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As the capital city of Finland, Helsinki is one of the best tourists’ destinations in the world. With the population that exceeds 1.4 million, it is the most populous city in Finland. Named as world design capital, it is the third largest nation in the Nordic nations. Over the years, the city has flourished as the educational, financial, cultural, and research center. For this reason, enthusiasts from all over the world take the first flight to Helsinki without a second thought. On the map of world tourism, the city has acquired increasing popularity as it is dotted with umpteen attractions for the tourists.

  • Sederholm House- watch the most elegant building in Helsinki

  • Parliament House- view its imposing structure

  • Mannerheim museum

  • Central Station

  • The Finnish museum of photography- view the excellence in photography

  • Market square

  • Watch the most elegant building in Helsinki

  • Visit Parliament House

  • Explore the Mannerheim museum

  • Explore the whole city

  • View it bustling with activities in Market square

  • view the excellence in photography in the Finnish museum

It depends on the visitors that whether they would like to visit this magnificent city during snowfall in winter or on the sunny days in summer. April and May are the best months for the arrival of tourists as the days remain sunny and warm for different activities. The city also has a lot of snowfall during the months of December, January, February, and March and visitors frequent to this place for making merry with snow and related pleasure activities. July is the hottest month in Helsinki and it is coldest in February. Visitors need to stay away from the city and avoid visiting it during these extreme periods. February is the driest month in Helsinki and humidity could cause embarrassment to the visitors.

Flight to Helsinki and Travel Informations

Sederholm House

This oldest home of the place belonged to Johan Sederholm, situated at the corner of senate square. Considered as the most beautiful home of the place, a complete view of the building could give the person the real worth of air tickets to Helsinki. The stone house has stayed symbolic of the city’s growing affluence in the 19 th century.

Parliament House

The Finland parliament house saw its completion in the year 1931. Greatly designed by Johan Sigfrid Siren, the parliament is an architectural marvel that the visitors keep on remembering till they board flight from Helsinki. The visitors simply feel surprised as they watch the stripped classical architectural style in the construction.

Mannerheim museum

Built up in 1874 as Boman villa, Mannerheim museum has various personal belongings and items of Marshal Mannerheim. As almost 10,000 visitors frequent to this place everyday, the amazing collection bares before them glimpses of past history. This is the place, where guided tours are available for the tourists to make them familiar with various things on display inside the museum.

Market square

Located at the central part of the city, the market square has stayed one of the best tourists’ attractions so far. The place also gives a fair view of the presidential palace and Helsinki city hall. From spring to autumn, the sellers are busy selling fresh Finnish food items and souvenirs. The outdoor cafes are outstanding with their services as they give meat pastries. It has stayed a tradition to display old American cars on Fridays and anybody could keep his car on this occasion.

Central Station

As it is the main station for commuters of the city and long distance trains from the city to various distant places, the authorities have kept it very neat and clean. Moreover, the station has the structure made of Finnish granite that adds great looks to the exteriors. As this station serves as the central hub for transportation across various destinations in Finland, it draws millions of tourists from around the world for its ultra-modern atmosphere and sophistication in operations.

The Finnish museum of photography

As the only museum of Finland dedicated to photography, it gives its visitors the great pleasure of viewing the entire art and practice of photography. Incredibly, the museum has 3.7 millions of photographs on display and for more than five decades, it has dedicatedly showcased the art of exclusive photography. As most of the travelers have passion for photography, they invariably make it a point to visit this museum

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