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Top ten tourist places to visit in the Harbin City

Harbin, which is the capital city of the northernmost county of China, Heilongjiang, is an admired winter destination for locals and tourists alike. The city is well known for its extremely chilly winters, ice, as well as snow statues and exotic structural design. The city is also an abode to attractive Russian style buildings, big cathedrals, historical museums, Festivals, etc.

Things to do in Harbin

1. Take a ticket to Harbin to enjoy the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Tourists visiting the Harbin City from the beginning of December to the concluding part of February will have an opportunity to enjoy the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. The city will be found decorated with a fuzz-lined, Technicolor snow, ice, and neon dream coat. The festival will be focused on the impressive theme park, known as the Harbin Ice and Snow World, which consists of 7.5 kilometers of ice. Visitors can enjoy gargantuan amusements of world tombstones and terrifying ice slides and the extraordinary Art Expo.

2. Know the ancient history of the Main Synagogue Concert Hall

​The history of the Main Synagogue of the Harbin City dates back to 1909. It features a well-priced performance setting for traditional music concerts. Tourists visiting the concert hall can enjoy witnessing four shows per week that start from evening 7.30 at every one-hour frequency. Visitors have to pay a ticket that ranges between ¥20 and ¥100 according to the seating arrangements. They have to sit in the old pews that are made of wood to witness the shows.

3. Visit the Church of St Sophia-the most famous landmark of Harbin

The Church of St Sophia is the most renowned landmark of the Harbin City. Tourists taking a ticket to Harbin and visiting this Russian traditional church will be amazed to see its unique green onion auditorium and resting pigeons. Originally constructed in 1907, the area of the church was further expanded during 1932. Now, it has turned out to be the biggest conventional church for Russian colonists. After the Cultural Revolution, the church was utilized as a department store warehouse. After declaring the landmark of the city during the 1990s, the cathedral was restored and the open area was cleared.

4. Book a flight to Harbin to enjoy the architectural charm of the buildings at the Zhongyang Dajie

The Zhongyang Dajie, which is a cobblestone street, is closely associated with the heritage of Russia. Sightseers visiting the tourist spot will notice it as only pedestrian region running from the Jingwei Jie to the Sōnghuā River. Visitors can also enjoy the architectural beauty of the early twentieth century buildings in the street. Some buildings are impressive, while others are noticeably damaged, but the blend of architectural designs is charming.

5. Enjoy the spiritual atmosphere at the Temple of Bliss

Tourists booking a flight to Harbin and visiting the Temple of Bliss will take pleasure in feeling the religious ambiance. It is the biggest temple complex in Heilongjiang and it has a lively Buddhist society in residence, offering it an authentic spiritual atmosphere in spite of the ticket sales. Here, visitors can enjoy witnessing numerous large sculptures, including the Sakyamuni Buddha and Milefo Buddha. They can also see the 1924-constructed seven-storey Buddhist Pagoda.

6. Know the lifestyle of Harbin Jews at Harbin New Synagogue

Vacationers booking a flight to Harbin and visiting the Harbin New Synagogue will appreciate the wealthy cultural lifestyle of the Jews community. The Jewish community constructed the synagogue in 1921, and most of these people are Russian immigrants. Then in 2004, it was converted into a beautiful and informative museum, displaying attractive exhibits in the second and third floors. The highlight of the museum is that all the displays are explained in detail with English headings.

7. Have an enjoyable and affordable shopping experience at the Toulong Shopping City

​Tourists, who are shopping enthusiasts and are moving around the city, can book a flight from Harbin and can have the best shopping experience at the Toulong Shopping City. It is an indoor marketplace, where tourists can buy their favorite products with the best bargains in the city on the eleventh floor of this market. They can buy a range of products, including souvenirs and clothes at the best prices. Tourists, who would like to buy sunglasses and travel bags, can have an affordable shopping experience on the fourth floor of the market.

8. Book a flight from Harbin to visit the Sun Island Scenic Area

The Sun Island is located across the water from the Stalin Park. The park is a recreational region that covers the vast area of 38 square kilometers. Sightseers visiting the park can enjoy witnessing beautiful scenery gardens, a Russian-style village, a water world, and a range of museums and small galleries. The park happens to be the most sought-after picnic spot amid both local people as well as international tourists. Visitors have to pay ¥60 for each hour to walk or bike in the park.

9. Pay an airfare for Harbin to visit the Harbin Culture Park

Tourists visiting the park will have an enjoyable and exciting experience. This is for the reason that they can take pleasure in watching the beautiful panoramic sights of the Harbin city the from the 110-meter high Ferris wheel of the park. They can also witness a 1908-constructed cathedral, which was once bounded by Russian graves. The park is located between the Harbin Confucius Temple and the Temple of Bliss.

10. Stalin Park-the best tourists spot for adults and kids

The Stalin Park is a charming boulevard, which is lined with big trees and crammed with statues, playgrounds, historic buildings, and cafes. It is an ideal tourist spot for both adults, as well as for kids. While walking along the 42-kilometer path, visitors can see a riverbank, which is specially constructed to control the unmanageable Songhua River. Visitors can also find the 1958-constructed Flood Control Monument that honors thousands of natives who died earlier because of the overflow of the Songhua River. The park is an ideal spot for those who want to flee from the busiest city activities to have a perfect relaxation.

Weather of Harbin

Tourists will get the real worth of their airfare for Harbin if they know the type of weather in the city well in advance. The Harbin City features four different seasons with short cool summers and long cold winters. July is the warmest month in the city and the coldest month is January. While the windiest month of the city is April, July is the dampest month of the city, receiving the average yearly rainfall of 563.3 millimeters.

The finest time to visit Harbin is from July to September and again from December to the following January.

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