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Hangzhou-the city of heritage sites

Hangzhou, which is the capital city of the Zhejiang Province in China, is one of the wealthiest cities in the country. Tourists visiting the city can enjoy the well-maintained antique architectural as well as heritage places. The city is also an abode to many worth seeing tourist spots, such as lake, parks, grand structures etc., which make it one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the world.

1. Book a flight to Hangzhou to enjoy the blissful beauty of West Lake

The West Lake is one of the highly visited tourist spot in the Hangzhou City. This is for the reason that it is an amazingly gorgeous lake, featured with lots of gardens, temples, pagodas, as well as with beautiful artificial islands. The lake was conferred as one among the leading 10 tourist spots in the country, owing to its blissful beauty. The West Lake is considered one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of its wonderful garden design.

2. Visit the Lingyin Temple, the oldest Buddhist temple in the Hangzhou

​The Lingyin Temple is considered one of the biggest and oldest temples in China, as it was constructed during the reign of the Eastern Jin Dynasty in 326AD. As an oldest Buddhist temple in the city, it is an evocative temple, which was established by Master Hui Li, a Western Indian priest. Tourists visiting the temple will be amazed to see the immense architectural design of the temple. The temple features an extremely majestic look, with numerous sanctified halls, including the Mahavira Hall, the Heavenly Kings Hall, and the Yaowang Hall, occupying the vast land area of 90,000 square meters.

3. Visit Fei Lai Feng mountain to see antique Buddha statues

Vacationers booking a flight to Hangzhou and visiting the 168-meter high Fei Lai Feng mountain will have an opportunity to witness 345 ancient handcrafted sandstone Buddha figurines. All these statues were engraved during the ancient Yuan, Song, and the Five Dynasties. Visitors can enjoy the delicate, consecrated, and somber of the statues. Tourists can visit the mountain from morning 7.30 to evening 5.00.

4. Book a flight from Hangzhou to witness the old-fashioned Leifeng Pagoda

The Leifeng Pagoda is considered the oldest pagoda in the city, as it was built in 975AD, during the rule of the Ten Kingdoms period and Five Dynasties. It is an antique, eight-sided 5-storey tower, which is located on the southern part of the West Lake. The pagoda is extremely renowned due to a Chinese legend, The Legend of the White Snake. This tale narrates the life history of Xu Xian, a scholar, and Bai Suzhen, a snake demon. It is believed that the snake demon was sentenced to a life imprisonment and was kept in the Leifeng Pagoda. The story makes the Pagoda a popular tourist destination in the city. Tourists can visit the pagoda between morning 7.30 and night 9.00.

5. Enjoy witnessing the major watercourses at the Xixi Wetland Park

Xixi Wetland Park is the biggest and the highest visited tourist spot in the Hangzhou city. It is considered one of the premium and the biggest tourist spots in the country, as it covers the vast land area of 11.5 square kilometers. Here, visitors can enjoy witnessing six major waterways, many wild animals, native plants, as well as a gorgeous landscape. Vacationers can also visit many immense picturesque spots in the park, including the autumn snow temple, the hazy fisher village, the Xixi water attic, as well as the anchorage thatching. The park will be opened to the public from morning 8.30 to evening 5.30.

6. Food enthusiasts can satisfy their longings at Zhi Wei Guan

Tourists, who are staying in the city and would like to taste the yummy traditional Hang dim sum dish, can book a flight from Hangzhou and visit the Zhi Wei Guan restaurant. This restaurant offers a wide diversity of dims sum at an affordable price. The eatery also serves other variety of traditional Hang foods, including beggar’s chicken, Xihu fish with vinegar gravy. Visitors can have an enjoyable and comfortable dining experience in this restaurant, as it features a beautiful patio, overlooking the gorgeous West Lake. The restaurant will be opened from morning 8.00 until night 10.00.

7. Visit Songcheng Park, the largest Chinese theme park

​The Songcheng Park, which was opened to the public view in 1996, is the oldest theme park in China since the Song Dynasty. It is also the highest visited park in the country, as it caters the entertaining needs of about six million sightseers per year. The main highlight of the park is the Songcheng Romantic Show, which explains the ancient civilization as well as the latest culture of China. Moreover, visitors can know about lots of antique Chinese traditions as well as tales through the remarkable activities. The park will be opened from morning 9.00 until night 9.00.

8. Pay an airfare for Hangzhou to witness traditional shops on the Hefang Street

Hefang Street, which is a section of the Qinghe Lane, is a very old walker-shopping street. It is crammed with countless ancient-style shops, sellers, as well as teahouses, such as paper-cutting stores, pillow shops, and sugar candy carvers. Visitors can also discover some celebrated conventional shops on the street, including Fang Hui Chun Tang and Hu Qing Yu Tang selling Chinese drugs, the scissor shop, Zhang Xiao Quan, in addition to the Wan Long ham store. Visitors can appreciate the life of olden Hangzhou people, offering them a tremendous experience while they walk around the street.

9. Have an affordable silk shopping experience at the Hangzhou Silk City

Tourists who would like to make an affordable silk shopping can pay an airfare for Hangzhou and visit many of its silk shops. They can head out to the fifth and the sixth floor of the seven-storey market to buy their favorite silk garments at an attractive discount. They can also find a variety of durable and attractive scarves, dresses, slinky nightwear, qìpào, which is a traditional sheath costume of China, and other silk garments.

10. Take a ticket to Hangzhou to visit the Huqing Yutang Chinese Medicine Museum

Hu Xueyan, the merchant of the Qing dynasty, first established the museum in 1874. It includes a factory and a medicine shop, which maintain the usual style of the Qing period. The museum is accommodated in a beautiful, musty aged building with a vivid courtyard beset with traditional Chinese medicine plants.

Best time to visit Hangzhou

After knowing the type of weather in the city, tourists can take a ticket to Hangzhou to make their tour an enjoyable one. Hangzhou usually experiences a warm and gentle climate throughout the year, with plentiful precipitation and sunlight. July is the warmest month in the city and January is the coldest month. The best time to visit the Hangzhou City is from March to May and again from September to November.

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