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Top 10 places to visit in Haikou

Haikou is the capital city of the Chinese Hainan Province and it is the blend of Chinese and regal European structural design. It is popularly referred to as China’s Hawaii because of its clean air and a range of exciting indoor and outdoor activities. It is also an abode of many renowned parks and sites that exhibit the ethnic civilization as well as the history of the city. The city now shines with modernity as well as plenty of coconut trees, which all make Haikou one of the most popular tourist destinations in China.

1. Book a flight to Haikou to explore the Qilou Old Street, the most attractive area of the city

The Qilou Old Street is the most appealing and busiest area in Haikou. Walking along the street will allow visitors to feel the ancient colonial ambiance of the city, as it includes cobblestone buildings and streets, exhibiting the Asian and European styles. Tourists as well as photography aficionados can take pleasure in the architectural gems of the area, including in its slender, winding passages, which let them appreciate the daily life of the people. While shopping enthusiasts can have an enjoyable shopping experience, others can enjoy witnessing portraits performed by the home artists.

2. Take pleasure in witnessing the Hai Rui's Tomb

​The Hai Rui's Tomb, which is erected in memory of an honest Ming Dynasty bureaucrat, Hai Rui, is situated in the heart of the Haikou city. It is also one of the oldest mausoleums in the city. Sightseers visiting the spot will be amazed to see this 1589-built tomb, surrounded by many artistically engraved stone statues and attractive evergreen trees. Visitors are allowed to see the tomb with an entrance fee of CNY 10 from morning 9:00 to evening 5:00.

3. Tourists can live out their Hollywood visions at Movie Town

Vacationers can have a strange touring experience when they book a flight to Haikou and visit the Movie Town, which is located next to Mission Hills. It is the latest tourist attraction in the city, where sightseers can doll up in ancient period dresses and take photographs in movie settings. Visitors can also witness many interesting performances hosted by the theme park. Tourists can have an enjoyable dining experience in the park's fine restaurants, and it includes theaters and shops, as well. Tourists can stroll down the town safely from morning 9:00 until night 10:00 on paying an entrance fee of RMB 138.

4. Enjoy the grandeur of Chinese structural design by visiting the Qiong Tai Academy

Tourists, who are seeking a protected area to relax, can visit the Qiong Tai Academy. It includes many artistic buildings, demonstrating the magnificent architecture of China. The academy, which is situated in the Wenzhuang Road of the Fucheng Town, was constructed in 1705, to honor the academician, Qiu Jin. Visitors can visit the academy from morning 8:00 to evening 05:30 on paying the admission fee of RMB 5.

5. Tourists can book a flight from Haikou to unleash their internal explorer at the Mei She Lava Village

The Mei She Lava Village is an abode to the Haikou Volcanic Cluster Geopark, which is considered the natural wonder of the Haikou city. This is because the park houses the best-conserved ruined volcanoes in the world. Moreover, all houses in the village are constructed by making use of the lava of the volcanoes. In the village, visitors can enjoy witnessing the old 1927-built 5-storey gun tower, as well as other manmade and natural wonders of the village. Tourists have to pay CNY 60 to enter the park from morning 8:00 to noon 3:30.

6. Explore the natural wonders of Haikou at the Hainan Crater Park

The Hainan Crater Park, which is situated at a distance of 15 kilometers from the Haikou City, is one of the biggest parks, as it covers a vast area of 108 square meters. Sightseers visiting the park can take pleasure in witnessing the environmental wonders of the park, including mineral springs as well as over 40 uncommon volcanoes. Vacationers can visit the park from morning 8:00 to noon 3:30 on paying the entrance fee of CNY 60.

7. Tourists can respire in the sight at the Huoshankou National Geopark

​Nature lovers can book a flight from Haikou and visit the Huoshankou National Geopark. Visitors can know the history of the thousand-year- old volcano formations in the city, which is now a nationally secluded area. Nature aficionados can fulfill their longings by witnessing the wonderful views and tropical plants in this area park. The park also features a range of verdant, natural views, housing many varieties of banyan trees. Sightseers can visit the park from morning 8:00 to evening 6:00 by paying an entrance fee of CNY 25.

8. Pay an airfare for Haikou to explore the natural mangrove wonders at the Dongzhai Port Mangrove Forest

The 2,500-hectare Dongzhai Port Mangrove Forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is one among the highly visited tourist spots in the Haikou City. Extending up to a length of 80.5 kilometers, this natural reserve is the biggest mangrove forest in the city, housing more than 81 mangrove species. Visitors can explore this thick forest through a boat travel and they can see uncommon as well as rare birds that refuge in the forest. They can also visit the Wild Pineapple Island, which is a worth seeing spot in the forest. Visitors have to pay an exploring fee of CNY 25 and can enter the forest throughout the day.

9. Explore many tropical untamed animals at the Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park

Paying an airfare for Haikou and visiting the 333.3-hectare tropical wildlife park and zoological garden will allow tourists and their kids to enjoy witnessing over 200 tropical untamed animals. In the park, visitors can see animals located in fields that aim to imitate their natural homes. The park is an abode to rare animal species as well as many charming gardens, including an extensive diversity of orchids. Tourists can stroll down the park the whole day by paying an admission fee of CNY 95.

10. Take a ticket to Haikou to take up the sunlight at Holiday Beach

Haikou is also an abode to enjoyable seashores, where tourists can relax themselves by having an enjoyable sunbath at the Holiday Beach. Situated on the Hainan Island, the beach is the ultimate tourist spot to just chill out. The beach is also an ideal spot for water sports enthusiasts as well as for those who want to witness the coconut trees that are swinging in the wind.

Weather of the Haikou city

Before taking a ticket to Haikou, it is wise to know the climatic conditions of the city to make the tour a successful one. Haikou features a tropical oceanic type of weather and its hottest month is July. While January is the coldest month in the city, September is the dampest month.

The best time to visit the Haikou city is from November to the April month of the following year.

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