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Top 10 tourist attractions of the Guilin City

Guilin is a city in the southern part of China, and it is the first city to widen sightseeing after 1949.The water panorama and the mountains of the city make it the best tourist destination. The city is an abode to many famous attractive types of scenery in the world, with limpid lakes and rivers, green hills, fantastic rocks, and mystifying caves. Tourists have a lot to do in Guilin, including pedaling in the landscape, sailing along the Li River, visiting charming villages, etc.

Things to do in Guilin

1. Have an enjoyable sail along the Li River

The pride and joy of the Guilin tour is having a ride along the LI River to Yangshuo from Guilin. The beautiful Karst peaks will offer enjoyable surprises to tourists at every curve of the Li River. While traveling, tourists can enjoy witnessing the water buffalo patrolling the fields, peasants reaping the rice paddies, anglers and schoolchildren floating by on the bamboo rafts, etc. The LI Rivers sail is a perfect break for those who want to escape from the daily hectic city routines.

2. Book a flight to Guilin to see the oldest Reed Flute Cave

​The Reed Flute Cave is the most luminous cavern, and it is the oldest cave in the city, as well. It is believed that the formation of cave has created some time before 700,000 years. The length of the cave extends up to 240 meters and it offers an enjoyable and exciting experience to the tourists. Visitors can have the extraordinary sight of the cave in countless variations, as colorful lights brightly illuminate it. When visitors walk through the stone pillars, they feast their eyes on varying spots, offering them the feel similar to that of in the heaven.

3. Elephant Trunk Hill-the renowned tourist spot during the Tang Dynasty

The Elephant Trunk Hill, which is positioned at the junction of the Li River and the Taohua River, is considered the trademark of the Guilin city. It is one of the most frequently visited destination by both local as well as international tourists, as it has been the most renowned tourist spot since the reign of the Tang Dynasty. Visitors booking a flight to Guilin and visiting this tourist spot will be amazed to see the hill, which resembles a gigantic elephant drinking the river water. Visitors can also enjoy seeing numerous stunning natural sights around the hill, including some antique buildings, such as Yunfeng Temple, Puxian Pagoda, and Sarira Dagoba.

4. Folded Brocade Hill-the one of the most tourist attractions in Guilin

The hill, which is located in the northeastern side of the Guilin city by the lipid river, is the most sought- after vacationer site in the city. The site is acknowledged for its astounding landscape and stone statues. The hill attained its name due to the similarity of its rock configurations, stacked rock layers, to wrinkled brocade. Visitors can enjoy witnessing four other spectacular peaks, surrounding the Folded Brocade Hill that includes Yuyue Hill, Crane Peak, Siwang Hill, and Bright Moon Peak. Adults and kids more than 3.9 feet high have to pay an entrance fee of CNY 32 to visit the hill.

5. Take a ticket to Guilin to visit the Seven Stars Park, the biggest park in the city

The Seven Stars Park, which occupies a vast area of 297 acres, is considered the biggest all-inclusive park in Guilin. Sightseers visiting the park can enjoy the amazing beauty of the seven peaks, among which three of them are on Crescent Mountain and four on the Putuo Mountain. The parks is gifted with stylish mountains, amazing stone forest, clear water, profound and tranquil valleys, abundant plants and animals, as well as with cherished cultural artifacts. Visitors have to pay CNY 75 for visiting the Seven Stars Park and CNY 60 to visit the seven peaks separately.

6. Visit the picturesque Two Rivers and Four Lakes of Guilin

Tourists taking a ticket to Guilin and touring around the city can enjoy the scenic beauty of its two rivers and four lakes. The rivers include the Li River and the Taohua River each offers a unique separate scenic experience to the visitors. Sightseers can enjoy witnessing four beautiful lakes, such as the Mulong Lake, Ronghu Lake, Guihu Lake, and the Shanhu Lake. All these lakes have been perfectly developed to reflect the civilization of the Guilin city. With these rivers and lakes, tourists can feel the natural loveliness as well as the deep artistic details of the City.

7. Solitary Beauty Peak with Jingjiang Prince City-The city's historical and cultural spot

​The Jingjiang Prince City, which is situated in the heart of the Guilin City, is constructed around the Solitary Beauty Peak. The city, which was constructed on the place of the manor of the Ming Dynasty Prince, Jingjiang, is renowned for its excellent picturesque look. Here, tourists can enjoy witnessing many manmade scenes, cuddling the natural attractiveness. From the inscriptions tourists can appreciate the history as well as the culture of the Guilin City. Tourists have to pay CNY 120 s an entrance fee to visit the spot.

8. Book a flight from Guilin to explore the picturesque spots of the city at Wave-Subduing Hill

Wave-Subduing Hill is one of the magnificent picturesque spots of Guilin. This 213-meter high hill, which is positioned 62 meters above the water, looks more charming with the presence of the aka Fubo Hill. The highlight of this tourist spot is that 50% of the hill stands on the land and other 50% stands in the water. Visitors can also enjoy witnessing natural panorama of stalactites and rocks, including manmade cloisters, as well as pavilions, offering a unique and wonderful look to the hill. Visitors can enter the hill with the entrance fee of CNY 30.

9. Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces-the most astounding Chinese terraces

Vacationers can book a flight from Guilin to visit the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces. Building of these terraces started during the reign of the Yuan Dynasty and ended during the rule of the Qing Dynasty. They are the effect of both the deep knowledge as well as the arduous work of the Zhuang citizens. Currently, the terraces occupy a vast area of 16308 acres and spans height from 300 meters to 1100 meters. Visiting this tourist spot will allow sightseers to witness and join with the locals to wear multicolored dresses, dancing, and singing and they can take pleasure in witnessing the original Zhuang civilization and life.

10. Jiāngtóuzhōu Ancient Town-pay an airfare for Guilin to visit this city's oldest charming village

The Jiāngtóuzhōu Ancient Town is considered the oldest village in the Guilin city, as it was established some 1000 years before. Tourists visiting the town can feel the unique rustic attraction, with cobblestone passages and battered houses of the Qing and Ming dynasties. The occupants of the town are the successors of Zhou Dunyi, the renowned Chinese philosopher for his thesis on good quality, 'Love of the Water-Lily'. The Water-Lily flower is an ornamental logo all through the village as well as inside the inherited hall.

Best time to visit Guilin

Knowing the climate of the Guilin city beforehand will make your airfare for Guilin a worthy one. The city is greatly influenced by the monsoon and sub-tropical type of weather. July and August are the warmest months in the city and January is the coldest month.

The best time to visit the Guilin city is from the last part of March to May and again from the last part of September to November.

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