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Flights to Graz

Graz is the most important and influential city to the Solevenes for decades. It was both culturally as well as politically crucial place to the Solevenes. Graz is the traditional hub for the Solevenes for a pretty long time. Graz was the cultural capital of Europe in 2003 and in 2008 it got the title of ‘City of Culinary delights’. You can easily board a Flight from Graz and fly into other parts of Austria. If you are planning for a vacation and really confused about the places and stuff to do in Graz, we are picking out some of the best things and places you can visit in this Austrian city. Fly into this beautiful city and we assure you will have a great time of your life.

  • Altstadt von Graz

  • Kunsthaus Graz

  • Schlossberg

  • Eggenberg Palace

  • Altstadt von Graz

  • Murinsel

  • Visit Altstadt von Graz

  • Visit Kunsthaus Graz

  • Visit Schlossberg

  • Explore Eggenberg Palace

  • Expore whole city

  • Visit Murinsel

The summer seasons in Graz are the wettest as it invites a lot of rain during this time. The winters are also chilly and experience a fair bit of snowfall around. The best time to visit Graz is during April and September when the season around Austria remains favorable and experience milder temperature. Do visit this stunning Austrian city and you will surely cherish the wonderful memories of your trip forever. You will be definitely mesmerized by its beauty. Hence, stop wasting much of a time and start packing!

Top Experience in Graz

Herz Jesu Kirche

The largest church in Graz is the Herz Jesu Kirche which has the third-highest church tower in Austria. The church tower measures about 109.6 meters. The church was specially designed in the Neo-Gothic style by architect George Hauberrisser who has started the construction during 1881 and got completed in 1887. You can have a glimpse of the breathtaking stained glass windows from inside and most importantly you can visit the church for free.


Murinsel is a beautiful steel structure constructed on the river Mur and is also named as the island of Mur. This beautiful and artificial island structure was designed by American artist Vito Acconci after the city was named as the European cultural capital in 2003. The design is replicated as a ship being anchored in the water and the structure is linked to the city by footbridges on either sides of the ship. The structure hosts a cafe, an Amphitheatre as well as an adventure island for children to have fun and enjoy. The blue lighting at the night gives it a spectacular view to look at.

Altstadt von Graz

Altstadt von Graz is located in the old town of Graz which is named as the heritage site by UNESCO. You can view the Old Italian Renaissance buildings along with the well preserved medieval structures. Rathaus is the town hall located at the main square of the old town, Hauptplatz. If you are visiting Graz, do not miss the local markets during Christmas holidays. They look stunning during the night. You can find a lot of cafes, boutiques and many stores out there.

Kunsthaus Graz

Kunsthaus Graz was constructed to celebrate the success period of the city being named as European cultural city. It is a very unique structure and being called as the ‘friendly alien’ by the locals. There is total 1006 acrylic elements stuffed in its structural skin. This structure was designed by British designers Colin Fournier and Peter cook. This famous structure hosts many international as well as domestic art shows and the view is really stunning from inside.


Schlossberg is a beautiful and popular destination in Graz which is located by the old town. The original structures were leveled down and the rest being transformed to a peaceful park for public. You can look out for some of the ancient structures which include the Chinese pavilion, the bell tower, the open- air theatre and the clock tower which were built using the original fortress cellars.

Eggenberg Palace

Eggenberg palace is an old architectural structure of Graz which is situated on the edge of the city Centre. The main part of the palace was built in 1625. You can find beautiful gardens around the structure where peacocks roam around freely. There are a lot of galleries including a Lapidarium which showcases Austria’s largest Roman stone collections. Another gallery called the Alte Galerie which showcases the Romanesque arts.

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