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Fukuoka-The best tourist destination in Kyushu

Fukuoka, which is a Japanese county, is located on the Kyushu Island. Every year thousands of tourists take a ticket to Fukuoka and visit the city to enjoy witnessing its beaches, ancient temples, and contemporary shopping malls, such as Canal City. The city is also an abode to interesting parks, museums, statues, and some historic buildings, demonstrating the everyday life of people lived during the Taishō and Meiji eras.

Things to do in Fukuoka

1. Know the luxuriousness of the Fukuoka Castle by taking a ticket to Fukuoka

Fukuoka Castle is a hilltop palace that demonstrates the luxurious life of emperors and princesses of the seventeenth century. Although most parts of the castle were destroyed over years, the remains still draw the attention of many national and international tourists. Occupying the vast area 47,000 square meters, the palace is considered the most impressive tourist site in Japan. The highlights of the castle are its many original fortress gates, towers, and turrets inside the extensive palace grounds. Visitors can enjoy witnessing the wrecks of an older guesthouse, where diplomats used to stay.

2. Explore the sixteenth-century weapons at Sumiyoshi-Jinja Shrine

​Sumiyoshi-Jinja Shrine is one of the most frequently visited tourist spot in Fukuoka. The shrine is committed to the defensive spiritualities of sailors, the last of a sequence of such shrines seafarers visit before moving into the sea. The highlight of the shrine is its Main Hall, reconstructed in its current traditional style during 1623, together with numerous significant national treasures, such as a copper ax and an antique sword, along with old documents and texts that belong to the Middle Ages.Vacationers booking a flight to Fukuoka and visiting the shrine can enjoy seeing the excellent view of the surrounding a big orchard of Japanese camphor trees and cedars.

3. Witness the historical relics of the island at the Kyushu National Museum

Kyushu National Museum, which was built in 2005, is the new museum of Japan. Vacationers booking a flight from Fukuoka and visiting the museum will enjoy the high-quality architectural design of the building. The museum exhibits a huge compilation of art and traditionally significant relics associated with the rich history of Kyushu. This high-tech facility is the highly visited tourist spot by both local tourists as well as by those visiting from other countries. Some of the other highlights of the museum include the displays of primitive artifacts found in many archaeological excavations, many fifteenth- century key national treasures, and arts, together with many historically important manuscripts and documents.

4. Book a flight to Fukuoka to visit the Kushida-Jinja Shrine to witness the beautiful statues of the Chinese zodiac

the Kushida-Jinja Shrine, which was discovered in AD 757, is the oldest shrine in Fukuoka. The main highlight of the shrine is its unique and beautiful statues of the Chinese zodiac and a 1000-year old gingko tree. Visitors paying an airfare for Fukuoka and visiting the city in July can enjoy witnessing the Hakata Gion Yamakasa, which is a two-week fantastic carnival. Visitors can also enjoy seeing other temples, such as the oldest 1195-founded Zen temple, Shōfuku-Ji Temple as well as the Tochoji Temple, which was established in AD 806.

5. Know the unique Japanese civilization and custom at the Hakata Machiya Folk Museum

​Hakata Machiya Folk Museum is one of the few existing buildings of the Meiji era of the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century of Fukuoka. Besides exhibiting local crafts, the museum demonstrates the tradition as well as the culture of the ancient Japan. Besides witnessing these worth seeing displays, tourists can gain new experience of such antique art forms as origami and calligraphy. It is also an ideal spot for kids, as they can wear the traditional Japanese masks and clothes and can partake in various ceremonies.

6. Pay an airfare for Fukuoka to visit the city's oldest Dazaifu Tenman-gū

Dazaifu Tenman-gū is another famous shrine of Fukuoka, spreading across a vast area of 3,000 acres, it is often a place of worship for local students who wish to come out of their exams by depositing small timber prayer tablets at the temple. The temple also includes many structures, such as the Honden, the major AD 905 shrine, as well as small temples, together with the Treasury, housing important artifacts, Visitors can also witness thousands of plum trees, attractive ponds, gardens, and bridges.

7. Book a flight from Fukuoka to visit the Ōhori Park

The Ōhori Park is one of the renowned public parks in Fukuoka, which is a nominated place of picturesque beauty. It is positioned in the middle of the artificially made Ohori lake and it was opened to the public from 1929. The highlight of this delightful park is a trail that encircles the lake, together with many bridges and walkways leading above the water to picturesque islands. Sightseers can enjoy the illuminating look of the park during night hours, as many pavilions and pagodas of the park will be decorated with colorful lights.

8. Worship the reclining Buddha at the Nanzoin Temple

The Nanzoin Temple is one of the city's Buddhist shrines, where tourists can witness the sleeping posture of Lord Buddha, Every year, thousands of Buddhist pilgrims from all parts of the world visit the shrine and worship the reclining Buddha. The statute of Buddha was erected in 1995 and it is made out of glossy bronze metal. Visitors can also have an enjoyable walk to the temple along a shaded hillside track from the charming Sasaguri village, witnessing the attractive bridges, streams, and gardens.

9. Know the lifestyle of sea creatures at the Marine World Uminonakamichi

The Marine World Uminonakamichi is an aquarium, which is accommodated in a big, sea-shell- fashioned contemporary structure next to the Hakata Bay waterfront. It contains 70 big tanks, the biggest of which accommodates over 20,000 marine creatures. The aquarium has a big panoramic water container, in which visitors can see many warm water fish species, as well as over 100 free-swimming sharks. The aquarium also includes many other marine creatures, such as seals, sea lions, and many mischievous sea otters.

10. Art enthusiasts can visit the Fukuoka Art Museum

The Fukuoka Art Museum is the ideal tourist spot for those who are art aficionados. The museum exhibits a huge collection of Japanese crafts and paintings, together with pre-modern Korean crafts and arts, as well as countless vital western prints and artworks. Visitors can also enjoy witnessing an extensive compilation of antique Persian glassware in company with Korean, Chinese, and Japanese paintings and useful arts.

Best Time to visit Fukuoka

Weather plays a vital role in making a tour successful, so Fukuoka tour is no exception. Knowing the type of city before touring it will make the trip an enjoyable one. August is the hottest period in the city and January is the coldest month. The city will experience the maximum precipitation during the month of July. May to July and September to October are the best months to visit Fukuoka, as the weather will be extremely enjoyable.

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