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Places to Visit

  • Flights to California: Located in west coast of North America and it is the largest US state by population, also third largest state by area. Great place to for travellers.
  • Flights to Florida: established in 1900, its collection spans as far back as 6000yrs ago and it is regarded as one of the largest museum in the U.S. Although their permanent collection is nice, their special collection is awesome and a must see. The museum is indeed a place to learn about art and history. It is fabulous to see some of their shows too. They are excellent!
  • Flights to New York: established in 1909, the museum receives over 2million visitors each year. The museum is an archive of knowledge and suitable for everyone - kids and adults. The staffs are friendly and take their time to assist visitors. The museum has a lot that cannot be seen in few hours. Collections ranging from dinosaurs, butterflies, fine gems etc are all in stock. It is lovely to be here.
  • Flights to Texas: also called the Enron Field or Astro field, maid park is a ballpark which was opened in 2000 and houses the Major League Baseball. It has a nice and amazing field, tight security, wonderful seats and lovely lounge.
  • Flights to Illinois: a fabulous museum with excellent painting and nice art, from a different period. There are a lot of natural lights which bring realism to the arts. They feature works of popular artists like Picasso, Rothko, Matisse, Warhol, Duchamp, Tanguy etc. They have extensive collections which include paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, photographs and rare books. And guess what? It is free of charge.
  • Flights to Nevada: it was opened in 1992 and are basically suited to science and adventure oriented individuals. They have space artifacts and hardware including Mercury 9, Gemini 5, Apollo 17, Lunar Rover, Skylab, Lunar Module and Saturn V. It is a nice place to see
  • Flights to Washington: opened in 1996, the museum is often regarded as the 4th largest holocaust museum in America. It aims to sensitize the public on the dangers of hatred and prejudice. The museum houses well-documented facts about the holocaust. It was really tragic. It serves as a form of remembrance for the victims and a source of knowledge to the public.
  • Flights to Colorado: It's a wonderful place to be. Nice singers, excellent shows and band, comfortable seats and fantastic refreshments are some of the interesting things about the music box. It's a place to catch fun. And watch amazing shows.
  • Flights to Michigan: an urban park located in Houston. It is a friendly place to visit and a second home for the locals. There are a lot to do in the park and there are always events going on. It is amazing to be here. It has children area and several other recreational areas.
  • Flights to Missouri is a crown jewel in Houston. It spans 4 storeys and it features high-end restaurants, hotels, offices and a private health club. It is worth your time and it will be mind-blowing for those who love shopping. They have ice skating rings, excellent parking spaces, nice location, excellent food courts.

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