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Cluj-Napoca is the fourth most populous city in Romania. Situated at equidistance from Bucharest, Budapest, and Belgrade, unofficially it is more familiar as the capital of the historical region of Transylvania. Being a diversely growing cultural place, it has the distinct recognition for excellence in different fields, such as visual arts, performing arts, and last but not the least a vibrant nightlife. With its most happening cultural background, the city has witnessed a quantum jump in the inflow of tourists and their increasing interest in the art and literature of the place.

  • Hoia Forest

  • Cluj-Napoca Central Park

  • Palace of justice

  • Reformed Church

  • Cluj- Napoca Hintz House

  • Banffy Palace

  • Guided mountain tours

  • Visit Cluj-Napoca Central Park

  • Explore Palace of justice

  • Visit Reformed Church

  • Visit Cluj- Napoca Hintz House

  • Enjoy the beauty ofBanffy Palace

The visitors could opt to visit this place during September, when it is least crowded. If it is month of August, the turnout is usually the highest. As July as a month stays the sunniest, when the visitors could arrive to take pleasure of the travel destinations, the warmest weather is the best time for the arrival of the guests. But they need not make a decision to come during May, June, and October as the months get highest rainfall.

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Banffy Palace

The visitors to this place find the grand German architecture of this monument baffling that literally qualifies it as a master-piece dating back from 17 th century. Moreover, the art museum housed in it has the widest range of works of various great Roman artistes.

Cluj- Napoca Hintz House

This is the heritage building that introduces Cluj-Napoca in a nutshell. Dating back to 19 th century, the building is literally a hunting ground of the tourists that gives them vicarious pleasure to the tourists for watching the first pharmacy in the city.

Hoia Forest

Situated in the west of Cluj-Napoca, the Hoia forest is a remarkable scenic place in the proximity of Ethnographic museum of Transylvania. The visitors could unwind a lot at this recreation ground, which has so far stayed a remarkable natural spot.

Cluj-Napoca Central Park

Hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive at this palace to watch the great eclectic design in architecture of this palace that briefly narrates the history of time. Grand and elegant, this is remarkably most imposing monument of the past era.

Matthias Corvinus House

The Matthias Corvinus House is one of the oldest buildings in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania. It was built in the 15th century, in the gothic style, as a small guesthouse. During its history, the house served as a jail, hospital, and museum; it is now home to a visual arts institute.

Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden

The Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden, officially Alexandru Borza Cluj-Napoca University Botanic Garden, is a botanical garden located in the south part of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It was founded in 1872 by Brassai Samuel.

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