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Flights to Chengdu

It is one of the most popular cities of the region and you can find some of the top companies of China in this city. It is evolving as a major business hub in recent years due to vast development across the city. Taking a cue from these factors, the tourism sector is also booming in this region and you can see thousands of visitors from different nations coming here on a daily basis. The advantage of choosing this place as your travel destination is that you can take the flight to Chengdu and even cover many other nearby attractions within a short duration of time.

The city has some of the tallest structures of the country and you can find offices of leading fortune 500 companies in this location. Many people even come here for business reasons apart from tourism and this has resulted in a huge demand for hotel rooms and resorts. Make sure that you book your rooms in advance during the peak holiday season as this will get you some good discounts.

Book ticket to Chengdu and enjoy these activities

Dujiangyan Panda Base

Your dream to see the panda will come true with this trip. This place has the best collection of pandas and you can enjoy the whole day at this location. There is also an option to volunteer at the location and this will give you the chance to get close to the pandas and even feed them. You will never forget this experience and your kids will completely enjoy the visit to this amazing place. The authorities have maintained the place in good order and you will be completely impressed with their service. However, the park is very huge and you have to walk for some distance to cover all the major attractions.

Mount Qingcheng

When you take the cable car ride to the top of the mountain, you can save time and this will also be a good experience for some people interested in taking photographs. If you can afford to walk, you can do so and take the stairs that are narrow and steep. Avoid walking when it is raining as the steps can become slippery and you can choose the cable car ride in this situation. Apart from that, you can even take the boat ride and enjoy the tour with your team. The mountain has some old temples and you can spend some time relaxing at the place. The ferry service is a big attraction of this place and your kids will enjoy the tour with such beautiful attractions.

Wenshu Yuan Monastery

This is one of the oldest temples of this region and you can choose the assistance of travel guide to visit this location. This will give you the best opportunity to understand about the local customs and rituals and you can relax for some time at this temple. The location also has few shops selling tea and you can enjoy the best local cuisine at the nearby restaurants. Many tourists come here and even shop for various articles at the local outlets. You can even bargain at these shops and get some amazing discounts on your favorite items.

Take the flight to Chengdu to visit these attractions

Jinsha Site Museum

This ancient archeological park is very huge and you can get to understand the history of China in a better way by visiting this museum. It has many rare artifacts and you will be surprised to see them even to this day. The overall maintenance is very good and you can easily spend couple of hours with your family members at this location. Having a local guide will be useful in this scenario as you can easily understand the importance and significance of these items in the museum.

Jinli Pedestrian Street

You can walk around the streets to enjoy the street food and even do some shopping at the local outlets. The place is usually crowded as even local people come here for bargain shopping along with the tourists. You can spend a couple of hours enjoying the local cuisine at these outlets. You can get some of the best gifts at this place and this will be a good option when you want to take home some memories about this region.

Tianfu Square

This is one of the most important landmarks of the city and you will be completely impressed with the architecture of this square. However, many tourists who come to this place are more interested in visiting the underground shopping center that has plenty of local shops and food outlets. You can take the subway route and enjoy your shopping at this location. The place is very tourist friendly and you will see many people from different countries at this spot.

How to check airfare for Chengdu

By taking the flight from Chengdu, you can cover many other cities during your vacation. The city is well connected with flights and you can get complete information about such offers by visiting the travel portals. They can even be useful when you want to book hotel rooms for your vacation.

Visit nearby attractions by taking flight from Chengdu

Many people book the ticket to Chengdu and choose the package tour option offered by local travel operators. This is a good option for those people who do not have enough time as they can get to cover maximum number of locations within short duration. The travel operators have good knowledge about local attractions and they even have network with transport service providers. You can cover many places within the same day as everything will be properly organized by them.

Best time to visit Chengdu

Traveling to this city during winters is a good option as you can enjoy the New Year vacation with friends and family members. The airfare for Chengdu will be very less even in this season when you book the tickets in advance through the online travel portals. This is a good option as you can get to save money and even your tickets will be confirmed in advance without any hassles.

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