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Flights to Bremen

In northwest Germany, Bremen is familiar as a Hanseatic city. Moreover, as a commercial and industrial hub, it has a port on River Weser. With 2.4 million people, its population stands as the second highest in North Germany, and in the national population index, the city is 11th. Apart from its commercial significance, the city has architectural marvels, which include world-class sculptures and art museums. The city has acquired increasing importance on the world tourism map as hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the city annually.

  • Museum of the Cathedral- Unique with its artifacts

  • The magnificent city hall in Bremen

  • Marktplatz- Spend more than half a day in buying

  • Kunsthalle Bremen- View the top-quality art museum

  • Haus des Glokenspiels- hear the wonderful tunes

  • Schnoor Quarter- Visit the ancient neighborhood

  • Explore Bremen City Hall

  • Air Smaragd

  • Visit Cathedral Museum

  • Abgefahren– bremen by bike

  • Bremer Bootsvermietung

  • Weser River and Port Tours

Bremen has a good climate as temperature varies a little. The hottest time in Bremen comes in June, July, and August, which visitors must avoid. Normal weather lasts throughout the rest of the period in a year, and spending time at this place could make them realize that they have made the right decision to buy a ticket to Bremen.

Cheap Flights to Bremen

Bremen Cathedral-watch the wonder of medieval Times

The St. Peter Cathedral has an impressive history, which is more than 1200 years old. Every visitor to this place feels surprised watching the grandeur in construction styles as those contain Gothic and later Gothic periods. The mind-blowing twin towers of the cathedral have an altitude of 89 meters.

Marktplatz- Spend more than half a day in buying

Other than the above places, the central market square in Bremen could keep the visitors busy for more than half a day. Like the other monuments in this locality, the gabled houses near the market are historically significant.

Kunsthalle Bremen- View the top-quality art museum

Managed by a private Bremen Art Society, the world-class art museum has existed in Bremen for over 200 years. The collection includes paintings from great masters like Lucas Cranach the Elder and Albrecht Durer. Its print and media department has hundreds of thousands of drawings from 14 th and 19th centuries.

Haus des Glokenspiels- hear the wonderful tunes

Bernhard Hoetger created this immortal creation of wooden panels that rotated in time to the Carillion in the monument of Haus des Glockenspiels. When the visitors are in Bremen in either spring or summer, they can take immense pleasure as they visit the place between 12:00 and 18:00 hours. Hearing the thirty bells produce the tunes of sea shanties and folk songs is wonderful.

Schnoor Quarter- Visit the ancient and quaintest neighborhood

This area is one of the oldest areas, where only the poorest of the poor lived once upon a time. Schnoor is derived from the cluster of workshops that manufactured ship rigging. It has several houses, which are timber framed and built-in 15 th century. The visitors take a lot of time viewing and watching artifacts in its handicraft shops and galleries.

Schlachte- where antiquity shares a ride with modernity

Famous as Bremen’s old town on the right bank of the River Weser, which went through considerable revamping and made a pedestrian zone in the eighties, Schlachte has a great promenade and beautifully restored buildings. Lined with German and international restaurants, the tourists could greatly relax by taking a slow but leisurely walk beside the water. They could also opt for boating inside the River Weser.

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