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Flights to Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the leading wine capital city in the world. It earns an impressive wine economy in the metropolitan area. Bordeaux has the 2nd largest collection of preserved historical buildings and monuments in France after Paris. The historical side of the city has its place in the UNESCO listings, most of the buildings are constructed with honey-colored stone. Often visitors come to see these old architecture structures of Bordeaux. Bordeaux has a lot of magnetisms for the tourists. You can enjoy this beautiful wine city for its charms as well as for its great historical past. You can even get a chance to taste the local Bordeaux wine which is the specialty of this city. So just board a Flight to Bordeaux and grab some amazing memories of your life in this city.

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  • La Cite du Vin

  • De la Bourse

  • La Grosse Cloche

  • Bordeaux Cathedral

  • Jardin public

  • Caneles

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The best time to visit this beautiful wine city is during June and August. During this time, a lot of Europeans and French visit Bordeaux for several outings and business deals. You can even pay a visit during autumn or spring and get cheap rents and lower crowds. Avoid coming in September as some of the places do not allow visitors due to harvesting. Winters can be fun around here, so try making a visit during December to enjoy the Christmas Eve. Whatever the season may be, visit Bordeaux once and you will never regret as you can make the most of your time doing several outings and activities around the city. You can expect some showers during all seasons except winters. Always make your bookings in advance and without wasting much of a time just grab your Ticket to Bordeaux and have a blast.

Flights to Bordeaux France

La Cite du Vin

This place is a high-end center with a futuristic design and it is the center of attraction for the visitors in Bordeaux. It teaches visitors about the history of wine and how it is prepared around the world. The building is spread about 3000 sq meters and contains a tower about 55 meters long. The main attraction of this place is that it offers a bar where you can enjoy a pair of wine glasses.

De la Bourse

De la bourse square was built in 1720’s near the river Garonne on the left bank. Since after its construction, the square became the symbol of Bordeaux in a very short time. There is a pool of water which reflects the place De la Bourse which looks remarkable. You can also have a look at the sculpted faces designed beneath the building’s arches which is one of the special attractions of this place.

La Grosse Cloche

The structure was built in the 15th century and houses twin roofs which are conical in shape. This was built on the remaining of the Porte Saint-Eloy which was a gate combined with a prison to keep juvenile offenders behind a 10 cm thick wall. The bell at the top was built in 1775 and weighs around 7750 tons which come alive during big celebrations in the city.

Bordeaux Cathedral

Bordeaux Cathedral has stripped off everything and had a really rough time during the revolution. Later on, it was reconstructed with the left behind of other buildings of the city. It is one of the earliest structures of the history which resembles the beautiful cultural architecture of France in the past. It is one of the best religious buildings in France till date.

Jardin public

Jardin public was established in the year 1746 with the idea of promoting a good health to the female inhabitants of Bordeaux by providing a green space to them. The design and structure of this place are in the English style. There is a snake structured pond which includes wrought iron bridges to cross over. Jardin public comprises of beautiful gardens, lawns, fountains, statues and much more.


Caneles is a pastry manufacturer in Bordeaux with rum, cane sugar, and vanilla. It goes well with tea as well as you can have it as a dessert after your meal. You can opt for a steak with some Bordelaise sauce, prepared with red wine, demi-glace, and butter fried shallots. It is one of the best and rich cuisines of Bordeaux. Wrap in a good quality box and you can gift Caneles to your loved ones as a delicious present.

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