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This happens to be the largest city of Spain and has a diverse population spread across the city. It is also the industrial hub of the country since many centuries as it had the advantage of ports. In olden days, the region was famous for iron exports to different regions of Europe and other countries. The industrial revolution of the previous century has been instrumental in the amazing developments of the city. Bilbao dates back to 2 nd century BC and some old settlements have been found in this region. The city came to prominence during the 14 th century and continued to enjoy special status for many centuries. It became the economic hub of the country after the world war period and many industries began their operations in this location.

  • Mount Cobetas

  • The Basque Museum

  • Etxeberria Park

  • Market La Ribera

  • La Alhondiga

  • Guggenheim Museum

  • The Campos Eliseo Theatre

  • Visit the Guggenheim Museum at night

  • Go shopping at Market La Ribera

  • Visit the cultural centre La Alhondiga

  • Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao Tours

  • Cruises, Sailing and Water Tours

  • Visit Bilbao's White Bridge

  • Water Sports

The region is close to the bay area and experiences lot of rainfall throughout the year. If you plan to visit the city for vacation, you should avoid the rainy season as it can cause lot of inconvenience for travel and you may not be able to visit all the special attractions of the city. You can instead choose the months between May and September when the weather will be usually dry. This gives you ample opportunity to enjoy the tourist locations of the town. The best way to book ticket to Bilbao is to approach reputed travel agents. They have the best network of local transport and you can even get suitable accommodation facilities according to your budget. It is also a good idea to consider visiting the online portals to check the latest deals available for your vacation.

Bilbao Travel

The Campos Eliseo Theatre

The Campos Eliseo Theatre is the biggest attraction for tourists as it very famous for its architecture. The place was recently renovated by the local authorities and they even offer guided tours for travelers. Many tourists interested in knowing about the rich history and culture of the region come to this place and take part in the different events conducted at this location.

Parks and Recreation

Mount Cobetas is the largest park of Bilbao.You can enjoy a comfortable time with family and friends at this location. In the same way, you can even take a walk around the Larreagaburu Park that is spread across 30 acres in the outskirts of the city. If you want to find something near the city centre area, you can visit the Dona Casilda Iturrizar Recreation Park. You can see many species of ducks in these parks.

Museums in Bilbao

The Basque Museum is yet another popular attraction that is usually included in the local tour packages offered by travel agents. They even help visitors with booking flight from Bilbao to other neighboring cities and this has promoted the travel boom in this region.the Fine arts Museum of Bilbao is a must visit place as it has precious works of noted artists from many regions of Europe and Spain.

Guggenheim Museum

This region is undoubtedly the biggest attraction for tourists as the entire building is covered with titanium panels. This reflects the lights during the evening and you can get amazing view of the curvy structure. It resembles a ship in many ways and you can enjoy the magnificent view when you visit the place at night. The place was opened in 1997 and continues to attract many visitors on a daily basis.

Market La Ribera

You should never miss this opportunity when you visit Bilbao. The airfare for Bilbao is relatively very inexpensive and you can use your savings for your shopping activities. The entire market is spread in a vast area and you can enjoy local cuisine when you are visiting this place. It is one of the largest indoor markets of Europe and you can shop for your favorite goods at affordable rates in this location.

cultural centre La Alhondiga

The place was earlier used as a wine warehouse and it was recently modified as a cultural centre. You can enjoy various events and exhibitions in this centre. If you love to watch special workshops and lectures, you can pay a visit to this place. The place also has good facilities for hosting concerts and many renowned artists take part in such events.

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